Tired of struggling with leading in & with your team, group, community?

Are you feeling lost navigating key transitions unfolding in your family, workplace, community organization?

Wondering when all of the strategies and techniques you’ve learned will start to work?

What if there’s another way?

What if….

What’s actually contributing to your experience is highlighting opportunities for you to lead more fully as WHO YOU TRULY ARE?

What’s MOST needed is YOUR UNIQUE core gifts, skills, talents?

You were to RE-THINK community?

You chose to stop leading like another AND chose to start leading as YOU?

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
— Oscar Wilde

Through coaching, education and mentorship I’ll support you to lead as the eclectic, loving spirit you truly are.

For over a decade I have been coaching leaders personally & professionally to lead with greater authenticity and holistically navigate transitions. To influence and shape genuine, healthy communities.


When YOU engage with Choice Point Living…

You'll be supported to:

Liberate yourself from the "wash, rinse, repeat" dance steps of relating to your self & other(s).

Show up in your life, leadership & service with greater clarity, confidence & compassion.

Cultivate good space "inside & out" for fresh, new, resilient experiences of leading in community.