Are you facing a transition?

Has a life event happened that’s inspired a complete re-think for you?

Do you feel called to shift direction in your relationships?

Have you stepped into a new leadership position that’s asking something more or different of you?

Have you been secretly dreaming of change in your practice for awhile?

Whatever conditions & circumstances surround your transition, consider this…

What if this moment, this challenge, this choice point was your moment to authentically direct your destiny?

It’s scary to be standing at a crossroads. Feeling alone, confused, tired, frustrated, disappointed and bewildered about what to do.

Our first thought often is … “I’ve got to figure this out”

The challenge with this reaction is we’re often left to select from a menu of options that may not be what will carry us across this threshold successfully.

In my own journey & with so many of my clients three core questions emerge:

Who am I, really?

What’s being revealed about my life path & purpose?

How might my best self now shine through in my life, leadership & service?

Those of us who work in professions that are about caring for others are often the ones who stick it out alone. Try to navigate life solo and resist reaching out for support.

This doesn’t need to be your story!

Through coaching, education & mentorship I will support you to wisely navigate your transition.

Without a transition, a change is just a rearrangement of the furniture. Unless transition happens, the change won’t work, because it doesn’t take.
— William Bridges

I care deeply that you discover new information, receive genuine support & guidance as you cross your current threshold.

For over a decade I’ve been coaching leaders personally & professionally to lead with greater authenticity and holistically navigate transitions. To empower their new beginning!

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You can bet if you engage the same choices today as you did yesterday, well, things will stay the same.

AND…I want you to know,

You do not have to walk alone!