Are you living a grey life? Tired, frustrated with being in community and feeling like a fraud?
Feeling lost with how to navigate transitions unfolding in your family, workplace, community organization?
Do you feel like your interests & passions just don’t fit? (except on the weekend, or “as a hobby”)
Are you hungry to shine from the heart, more fully in community?

I want to share, I get it. This story of “outsider” is known by so many today, including me.

It's painful to feel like only a percentage of you gets to show up in your communities. You feel like you're doing time. You're longing to feel deep connection. You've spent years searching for that ONE community where all of you "gets to show up fully". You’re working really hard to manage the ones you’re in.

Community lives as two or more gather.

What if….

What’s actually contributing to your experience of outsider offers core gifts, skills, talents that are MOST needed today?

As much as it feels like, “it’s just easier to go it alone”, you’re missing out on the opportunity to truly make a difference?

You were to choose to become a guiding spirit for genuine community?

Through coaching, education and mentorship I’ll support you to lead as the eclectic, loving spirit you truly are.

For over a decade I have been coaching leaders personally & professionally to lead with greater authenticity and holistically navigate transitions. To influence and shape genuine community.


When YOU engage with Choice Point Living…

You'll be supported to integrate spiritually based wisdom, practically to:

Liberate yourself from the "wash, rinse, repeat" dance steps of relating to your self & other(s).

Show up in your life, leadership & service with greater clarity, confidence & compassion.

Cultivate good space "inside & out" for fresh, new, resilient experiences of being & leading in community.