Choice Point Living's mission is to contribute to women leading WELL, together, NOW.


Success principles:

We each continue to evolve & do our work, while we walk together;

We decide to decide, "NOW", is the invitation to transform our experience & expression;


We own "inside" that we're each already whole, we are each unique and essential to our world.


Context, Awareness & Choice 

Today more than ever, as women, we're being called to lead a NEW way forward.

We know that community is central to our inner & outer revolutionary path.

We're rich with ancestral history & are encoded with an archetypal cosmology that is ready to be empowered and embodied.

We actively create a new story of our outsider, seeker, wounded healer, care-taker, and often over-burdened advocate.

We consciously choose to be a spiritual warrior as we engage and grow, together. 

Together we will...

live, lead and serve as the "innovative, heart-centered women" that we are!