Astro Guidance Coaching offers you new information & processes that expand your thinking, ignite new choices & support an empowered new beginning!


So you can live, lead & serve in ways that are real for YOU; wisely navigate transitions and build foundations for success that are meaningful & supportive to you!

I’ve recently started to bring astrology more fully into my coaching practice. It’s been amazing to see the speed at which new choices arise when we tune into the planetary wisdom and potential that’s revealed in our birth chart.

Astro Guidance Coaching is helpful when you’re:

-facing a transition in your life?

-challenged to lead in ways that feel most real for you?

-in the process of re-building your life post having moved through a major transition?

For a limited time, I have openings for a three-month astro guidance coaching package @ an introductory rate.

Your package includes:

-Three individual two-hour coaching calls (via Zoom, online);

-Natal chart recording & report (note you will need to provide your date, time & location of birth);

-Weekly email check-ins;


Your choice of ONE of the following:

-Goddess analysis. This report offers a greater understanding of your feminine nature (beyond gender) that animates your nurturing style & needs; your creative & advocacy energies; your 1:1 relating needs & style and your sacred fire (inner spirit) needs.


-Birthday chart themes for this year (weaving in what’s known in astrology as your solar return chart).

What you can expect?

Our calls will focus on the area in your life you’re currently seeking coaching on; deepen your understanding of your reading & leverage the just-in-time insights that emerge for you.

Together, we’ll dive into your natal chart astrology.

You’ll be supported to:

-expand your thinking and as a result, “get un-stuck”;

-tune into information that will ignite choices that are MOST authentic for you, and as a result, “feel more in harmony as you live, lead & serve”

-empower a new beginning, and as a result, feel inspired to move into your next chapter!

Astrology Guidance + Coaching

In coaching, you’re supported to explore your life & leadership through powerful questions and exercises designed to expand & shift your thinking. You’re held in a safe & challenging container of accountability that invites growth; acknowledges your holistic loving nature and championed to empower authentic choice.

-What if there was a powerful window through which to view yourself & your current “challenges” and growth opportunities?

-What if there was a timeless, holistic way to harmoniously approach your growth & development?

Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.
— Ramana Maharshi

There are many windows/lens through which to view ourselves. Who we are at the level of personality & spirit. Astrology is one powerful lens to tap into an entirely new pair of glasses to consider both who & what you are; the role & purpose of energetic patterns; and the power of choice. To know ourselves as leaders in our life and work is critical.

Once explored, then what? To experience an astrology reading (or any other awareness process) without coaching & support for integration, it’s challenging to activate new choices to take root. In many cases awareness without action becomes a loop.

I have been professionally coaching for over a decade. Learn More

Coaching is a powerful process for growth, development & sustainable change. And…part of the journey is working often with that which we can’t see on the surface, our blindspots & patterns.

Astrology is a powerful approach to work with our blindspots and patterns more compassionately.

Astro guidance coaching brings these two powerful growth frameworks together.

Whether you’re:

-facing a transition in your life;

-challenged to lead in ways that feel most real for you;

-in a process of a re-build in any area of your life…..

Astro Guidance Coaching will offer you new information & processes that expand your thinking, ignite new choices & support your empowered new beginning!