Key conversations that enable women to lead enriching lives.

Daily Living

Six week online immersion for women ready to design a new recipe of daily living.


Two New Groups Starting In May!

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During times of change, self-care can be challenging.  

Today, life itself can feel like a constant flow of change.

This six week online immersion offers information, support, structure & guidance to develop greater strength and wellbeing.




Opening up to your Intimate Archetypes



Archetypes are impersonal patterns of influence that are both ancient and universal. They become personalized when they are part of our individual psyche. They provide the foundation for our personality, motivations, and actions.

If you stop and listen, we speak in archetype all of the time.

This introductory workshop will invite you to open to the dynamic, intuitive realm of archetypes.
Explore patterns that reveal keys to unlocking innate wisdom that awaits your attention.


Surviving OR Thriving 


Explore the wisdom of your survival archetypes


Discover the four key archetypal patterns that guide all of our lives.

Spend the day getting to know your four guides of survival.

Explore how they can NOW become your greatest allay in empowering and embodying your potential.

Self Care Beyond Strategies


Back To The Basics Workshop

This women in conversation circle experience is for those who sense their need for connection & respite.

Self Care beyond strategies, is a call back to the basics.

This is a one day experience with women & for women to have the conversations that are most alive in you today.

We'll explore the age old conversation of balance.

We'll move beyond consideration of seeking to attain or accomplish something outside of ourselves to create inner peace & joy. 

We'll transcend the level of conversation that aims to fix, or make it all better. 

Ready to co-create a new story of ME & WE?

Ready to unplug & renew?