I work with Ayurveda in a WEL-Systems® Context as an invitation to open to our innate wisdom as we attend to how we relate to our body, mind & spirit as a reflection of Nature’s bounty. 

The Elementals!

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Ayurveda Fast Facts

Ayurveda is the "science of life". 

5,000 + year old healing science, known as the “sister science to Yoga”.

Offers a framework for considering ourselves through the lens of holistic energetic and elemental perspectives. It teaches us how to understand the nature of things, provides tools to evaluate them and to then identify what to do about it. A key principle in Ayurveda is, like increases like.

Invites us to awaken and honour ourselves with the rhythms of nature; to be conscious and intentional with living from the perspective what is in One, is in the Whole (microcosm & macrocosm)

From spirit, life is expressed into to matter composed of five elements. 

Swastha is Ayurveda’s concept for health… translates into the invitation…“to be situated in our own Self"

 Ayurveda Overview

Give yourSelf the gift of a daily self-oil massage, Known in ayurveda as abhyanga

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