Learn how else to view & engage “this time” in your life.

Embrace the eclectic, loving spirit you are.
Secure a trusted confidant & mentor.
Establish a deeper, confident connection to yourself.
Cultivate & express passions that empower a new LOVE story of leading community.
In your families, friendships, workplaces & society!


Through coaching, education & mentorship you’ll be supported to

Get out of your head.

Stop searching out there for making “in here” feel better.

Reconsider your current challenges as your most important growth points.

Stop comparing and competing.

Slow down and ask fresh & generative questions.

Make friends with your body.

Welcome your heart & spirit to lead.


Unique Holistic Approach

Supporting individuals & groups to holistically navigate change, innovate and cultivate genuine community.

We grow together.

We weave together powerful processes of coaching & learning in a context of spiritual evolution.

We work with your body-mind-spirit.

A sacred view of partnership in learning sets a container that supports empowerment of greater clarity, confidence, authenticity, compassion & innovation.

Discover how ancient & cutting edge wisdom will assist you, practically, in choosing to live authentically empowered, inside & out. From here you’ll discover a deep love for leading in community. You’ll ground in your becoming a guiding spirit for genuine community.
Specifically, Archetypes, Astrology & Ayurveda, grounded in a WEL-Systems Context influence our work together.


Step into a paradigm that masterfully marries the spiritual with the practical. A paradigm that enables you to co-create with life from the inside out.


Step off the wheel of spin, confusion and frustration.

Discover & know yourself BEYOND your history, personality & strategies.

Step into a new way of seeing yourself, your life and your world.

Curious about how exploring astrology might enhance your coaching experience?

Consider this new offering:

Recent Client Reflections…

I had the incredible blessing of working with Cathy. She is a keen listener with an empathetic heart and is able to respond from a place of love and compassion. Cathy has the gift of helping one see the big picture while highlighting the details that one might have over looked. She is a gem!
— Christine Hamill-Weeden
Cathy Saunders is a gem of a coach! She brings a perfect balance of practical and spiritual to her practice encouraging clients to really rise to their best selves! Her intuition is bang on! The questions and refections Cathy offers invite her clients to take a deep dive exploration of what is going on below the surface. Her amazing insights and resources provide an amazing opportunity for personal growth and transformation! I highly recommend Choice Point Living Consulting to anyone looking to shift old patterns, habits, behaviors or limiting beliefs... or anyone looking to rise to their greatest potential!
— Natasha Villeneuve
I chose Cathy as my coach, among the many coaches I know, to work with me through a major life transition. I experienced her as masterful at guiding me to see myself more clearly and offer insights and all-important practices to support my transformation. Cathy draws on her extensive coaching experience and wealth of knowledge to create a rich learning environment for clients. She established an easy and trustworthy rapport. I felt very safe sharing things with her, things that I don’t tell anyone else and she worked with whatever I shared. Working with Cathy as my coach enabled me to create the life I wanted and am now living. I recommend Cathy highly for any woman who is moving through a life transition or wants to make genuine and lasting change in her life.
— Dawn Burtsall
Choice point living is an excellent resource for personal growth. It allowed me to regain my self confidence in how I navigate my life. Knowing I have this support system only enhances my journey. Very thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to work with Cathy directly. She was the perfect fit for who I am, what I do and a key factor in my growth. Would highly recommend her support.
— Lisa Breen
I am extremely grateful for having had Cathy as a coach. The comfort I felt in her company was instant. She has the right amount of patience and push to help guide me along my journey. Her insights are always spot on and I always leave our sessions with the feeling that I’ve gotten exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend Choice Point Living Consulting Inc to anyone looking to make a change in their life.
— Kim Bowlin