Do you find yourself struggling again and again with living, leading, and working with others?


I am honoured to have stepped into a collaboration with Lisa J. Weiss to leap into an emerging process of discovery and co-creation designed to re-imagine ME & WE. As a start point we have co-created a Facebook space and community. 



This space was created because we, Lisa & Cathy, felt a knowing, emanating from deep within, that there is another way to collaborate and co-create.



The current narrative of ‘me and we’ creates a constant pull from wholeness to separation.

As a result,  much of our potential is left at the door, under the table, or never leaves our home!


Join Us NOW on Facebook and Join the Emerging Community of Women willing to step off into an unknown and yet to be discovered new narrative of the ME & WE.

This space is an invitation to engage in a bigger conversation by putting out a call to others to gather, and be a part of the evolving process of Re-Imagining ME & WE™. 

For the shift and accelerated evolution to occur, the conversation demands a tribe of souls willing and ready to leap together, heeding their inner impulse to blaze new pathways for this potent conversation.

it’s time!

The following are current processes designed to facilitate your re-imagining journey!