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Re-Imagining ME & WE™: Partner Group Coaching Program Feb. 2019

Co-Creating New Space for Becoming... Together

This Re-Imagining ME & WE™ Six Week Experience is for you AND someone in your life with whom you’re ready to Re-imagine with!

In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With.
— Charles Schulz

You’re ready for this conversation because:

  • You’re tired of running strategies that no longer work with the people in your life,

  • You want to re-imagine a new way of being with your partner/friend/sibling/child, and

  • You’re ready to move beyond traditional expectations of relationship.

We will guide you in re-imagining how to BE in the “WE” differently.

Invite you to consider where the AND lives.

Introduce you to a process that nourishes healthy relationships!

The current narrative of ‘me and we’ creates a constant pull from wholeness to separation.

In your relationships are you...

  • feeling not seen & heard?

  • exhausted?

  • feeling alone?

  • feeling unappreciated?

These feelings can induce the following responses.

We tend to …

  • work harder

  • become passive

  • get louder

  • manipulate

  • become demanding

The result of these strategies can create:

  • resentment

  • blame

  • justification

  • defense

  • frustration

There is another way.

A new process of how we relate & engage with one another is required to get another result.


Discover a FRESH, INNOVATIVE approach for empowering how to relate to yourSelf & others.

Your Guides

Your Guides

Held in the life-altering WEL-Systems® paradigm, this journey of discovery will transform self-limiting conversations that prevent the potential of ME & WE from being fully experienced and expressed.

What makes this unique.

Our approach is:

  • somatic, experiential & holistic,

  • co-facilitated in a safe & challenging container, and

  • leverages the energetic & healing power of community.

This experience will support you to uncover, discover & claim your inner wisdom to re-imagining how you relate to yourself & other(s).

Transformation requires safety, science & a touch of the sacred.
— Louise LeBrun

This isn’t a fix it (or manage it better) program. You will be guided and supported to AWAKEN and TRANSFORM your experience of ME & WE.


Eight Conversation experiences, with Co-Creator CODE™  Model Coaches Lisa J. Weiss & Cathy Saunders, which include;

  • Two (2) joint coaching sessions, one at the beginning and one at the end of the program. These individual coaching sessions will support you to establish inner commitment to launch your process & animate your intention.

  • One (1) individual couple / partner coaching session midway through the process

  • Five (5) live online group coaching sessions.

10-Day writing experience. Will support you to identify patterns, reveal hidden stories and encourage new choice points.

Access to a private online learning community. This is designed to enable connection & community support during and after the program.

Session Dates

Tuesday, February 19th - March 26th 2019 (7-9:30pm Atlantic) / (6-8:30pm Eastern)

Live Online Group Coaching Dates:

  • Feb 19th 7-9:30pm Atlantic (6-8:30pm EST)

  • Feb 26th 7-9:30pm Atlantic (6-8:30pm EST)

  • Mar 5th 7-9:30pm Atlantic (6-8:30pm EST)

  • Mar 19th 7-9:30pm Atlantic (6-8:30pm EST)

  • Mar 26th 7-9:30pm Atlantic (6-8:30pm EST)

10 Day writing experience:

  • Mar 8th- Mar 18th

Coaching sessions (To be booked upon registration)

Enrolment requires:

  • you register with another; this could be your partner/friend/sibling/child.

  • Program is limited to eight individuals.

Feel free to connect with Lisaor Cathy, if you have any questions.

The following is a 15 minutes video we’ve create to share a recent conversation your guides have had regarding this upcoming experience.

Earlier Event: February 16
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