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Enliven & Honour Your Goddess Nature

As a woman who has lived a lifetime in search of a leadership paradigm that feels honouring of all of me, it hasn’t been until recent that I’ve reconnected with the roots of feminine leadership that’s called me home.

Rife with wisdom and guidance, archetypal myths of the Goddess reveals patterns that play out in all areas of our lives. In particular there are four Goddess journey’s I am deeply enlivened by these days.

In fact, these four cosmic patterns are alive in all of us, regardless of gender. They appear shining brightly in our sacred mandala of astrology. Each encoded with core messages seeking our attention.

They can guide us to know what we most need to nurture, creatively express & champion, to honour in our relationships with another and how we deeply desire to tend to our sacred fire.

During this two-day weekend workshop you will have an opportunity to learn more about four Goddess energies that will support you to lead as the woman you are.

When we open up to remembering & welcoming our innate Goddess energies, we find strength to lead as the woman we are.

Dates & Times

Saturday Dec 8th 10am-3pm


Sunday Dec 9th 10am - 3pm


Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia


$395 + hst

Enliven & Honour Your Goddess Nature workshop will have a closed facebook group. Here you’ll be able to connect with other participants. This group will be a place to access related resources and information.

When you register, you will receive an invite on facebook to join. If you’re not a facebook user, no worries, we’ll ensure you receive all course materials.