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Liberate Patterns of Esteem: Four Week Online Program

For some reason we’re taught we should just be confident. We should choose to be powerful, to stop comparing and struggling with others. These choice points seem helpful on one level, and yet are not sustainable. Why? They take us to the surface of an issue. They may bring us to a doorway, however, they don’t truly change anything!

The real invitation is to lift up while we also dive deep. Patterns play out for every human being alive. Some work for us. Some don’t. As children we learn how to navigate the world through patterned responses. At some point, when we’re all grown up, they STOP working. In fact they can hold the keys to unlocking core developmental processes that we’re designed to heal through.

There are many ways into doing this work. I have found over the years a first stop that offers a pathway through is learning about four core patterns of esteem that must be tended to in our life, leadership & service. If we’re truly to feel good about how we’re relating to ourselves and others.

These patterns offer pathways of healing and growth through:

  • conquering our fear of survival, learning to stand solidly in the truth of our experience;

  • learning how to enact authentic, healthy boundaries;

  • relating consciously with choice and

  • honouring our integrity.

This conversation is for you… If you

  • Continue to find yourself battling with another for power.

  • Are aware your greatest source of limitation, today, is being driven by you.

  • Are ready to stop selling yourSelf out.

  • Are ready to re-write your story of feeling hard done to or hard done by.

  • Want to live, lead & serve in ways that grow nourishes experiences of change.

In this experience you’ll be invited to move beyond the circumstances you’re facing today.

You’ll be invited into developing your capacity to look at yourself and others through an impersonal lens.

The lens we’ll be looking though is Archetypes.

Archetypes are an amazing way to set the table of unity. The lens of archetypes offer us a window into inherently neutral patterns. These impersonal forces at play can indeed feel deeply personal in our day to day lives as we seek to lead, grow & change.

There are a plethora of archetypes influencing you right now.

  • Are you noticing?

  • How are you relating to them?

  • Do they drive your bus or are you working collaboratively with them, all grown up, now ready to drive yourself?

In this four-part online series we’ll explore four core archetypal patterns that influence all of us on our journey to self-esteem.

Once recognized, we can enter into a thoughtful relationship of growing together with these forces, versus being at odds with them. Unconscious of how they are shaping our choices & our lives.

To get a sense of these four archetypal influences we’ll be exploring, check out a recent blog post on Dance With Clarity.


 Feb. 2019 Dates Coming soon! Sign up today to secure your seat.


All classes will be held online through zoom.

  • Wednesday Jan 9th 6-8pm (Atlantic)

  • Wednesday Jan 16th 6-8pm (Atlantic)

  • Wednesday Jan 23rd 6-8pm (Atlantic)

  • Wednesday Jan 30th 6-8pm (Atlantic)

Classes will be recorded. If you are unable to attend one of the classes, you may access the class recording.


$195 + Hst

Liberate Patterns of Esteem program will have a closed facebook group where you’ll be able to connect with other participants. This group will be a place to access related resources and information.

When you register, you will receive an invite on facebook to join. If you’re not a facebook user, no worries, we’ll ensure you receive all course materials.