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Re-Imagining ME & WE Live Conversations: June Details TBD

Collaborate & Co-Create from a whole new perspective.

Can you hear a deep question stirring to be known – Is there another way to BE with another?

Let’s face it. Our current dance of ME & WE isn’t working. Despite countless pursuits for knowledge to help us co-create and collaborate, we are standing at a precipice in our lives and work. Here, the effects of engaging often leaves us feeling powerless, frustrated, alone and confused.

Re-Imagining ME & WE is....

An invitation for you to move beyond the sole endeavours of the “me” conversation (countless years of self-help & therapy), or the “we” conversation (selfless service and altruism).

Potential lives in the “and” of living, leading & serving.

Whether you are in this conversation for personal development or actively seeking to shift how things are within your organization, a new process of engagement is required.

This process is the result of a co-creation between Choice Point Living and I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting . And, is a living example of what is possible in a Re-Imagined ME & WE conversation process.

Join Lisa J. Weiss & I for an accelerated journey into a new paradigm.

Monthly Themed Conversations

These conversations will:

  • explore the roots of our Beliefs, Values and Attitudes (BVA’s) 
  • allow individuals to begin to explore how they are moving through their world.

Each topic will evolve as the conversation evolves.

June Details.




  • Engage in weekly conversations for four (4) weeks.
  • Access to a closed Facebook page, where you can share your struggles, insights, and emerging SELF.


This is a necessarily small, purposeful group.

In order to facilitate a deep dive in, we limit the size of the group to 12 individuals to ensure our conversations are relevant, individualized, and immensely beneficial.

Together we will:

  • Dare to go beyond the normal pathways of having to choose to honour self or other.
  • Bravely embark on an awakening journey of ME & WE discovery that will collapse the perceived gap between the self & other.
  • Challenge the personal and social norms that no longer breathe life for us.
  • Choose to heed the call to our greatness & to co-create new expressions of the ME & WE dance.

A key step for us on the journey is to discover we can stand alone. Now what?

To create real change in our lives, personally and professionally, we must choose to BE and LIVE differently.

This conversation is a collaboration between I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting (Lisa J. Weiss) and Choice Point Living (moi), both CODE Model™ Coaches.