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 Cathy Saunders, Founder Choice Point Living Consulting   

Cathy Saunders, Founder Choice Point Living Consulting


As a spiritual detective, I am practically curious about the mysteries of life. Patterns fascinate me. This curiosity has propelled my own empowerment journey.

I've discovered true power lives inside. As a pioneering spirit I choose to deepen my connection in how I live, lead and serve as the holistic nature of spirit itself. This awakens a co-creative dance of body-mind as spirit in tissue. Wisdom lives in this dance of spirit in tissue. The cool thing is, we all have access to this.

One choice, one breath, this moment.

This is a journey that has no destination. It is a journey of being in harmony with nature. My nature and the nature of life. It is a journey of feeling "at home in my skin". A journey that is filled with potential and possibilities, even in the practicalities of life. Contrast is part of our individual and collective human experience. As a spiritual warrior I choose to empower and embody my spirit as I dance with all of it.

I care deeply that women discover their true source of power. I care that they know they can choose to be a spiritual warrior. I care that together, we co-create a new narrative of the ME & WE.

As a western woman, here now, I feel blessed and clear this is part of my dharma. For many years my practice focused on health & well-being in traditional healthcare. This was a "doing to and or being done by/for" experience. For me, I always deeply felt a limitation. My passion now has expanded to supporting "being well" , holistically, so that the "doing well" is possible.

My approach is grounded in frameworks that live in the realm of energy and spirit. Our body is welcomed to be a magnificent, organic channel of communication and processor. Our mind is invited to soften and to be curious. Our hearts are invited to open, Our spirits are invited to flow. We cultivate our innate ability to respond through co-creating good space, INSIDE & OUT.



The choice points are many for us as women today. The key is expanding, inside, what sources them.



I look forward to walking with you on your journey.


Founder of Choice Point Living, Cathy Saunders began her professional career as a Registered Nurse. For over 20 years she practiced in both the US and Canada.


In 2006, she embarked on coaches training and has since obtained many certifications and designations in life coaching and consulting. She worked for many years as a coach and consultant within healthcare. In 2012, she opened her business and in 2014, went full-time into business. 


Cathy has continued her own personal and professional development in key areas that have expanded her life and practice. Key approaches and philosophies with roots in ancient science and wisdom have come to define Cathy's unique approach to serving clients as a coach, educator and consultant. 


Cathy has developed an integrated approach to ensuring women lead vibrant and meaningful lives. She specializes in designing inside out experiences for the modern woman to step fully into their life, leadership & service.

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