practically curious


Cathy offers clients a profound blend of innovation, heart & spiritually based wisdom for the modern woman.


Founder of Choice Point Living, Cathy Saunders began her professional career as a Registered Nurse. For over 20 years she practiced in both the US and Canada.


In 2006, she embarked on coaches training and has since obtained many certifications and designations in life coaching and consulting. She worked for many years as a coach and consultant within healthcare. In 2012, she opened her business and in 2014, went full-time into business. 


Cathy has continued her own personal and professional development in key areas that have expanded her life and practice. Key approaches and philosophies with roots in ancient science and wisdom have come to define Cathy's unique approach to serving clients as a coach, educator and consultant. 


Cathy has developed an integrated approach to ensuring women lead vibrant and meaningful lives. She specializes in designing inside out experiences for the modern woman to step fully into their life, leadership & service.



I look forward to walking with you on your journey.

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