Signature Women's five month Growth Package

This five month experience is a choice point living signature intensive coaching experience for women.  

1:1  educational and coaching support designed uniquely with and for you.

This is a deep dive for those women who are willing & ready to transform their lives and are seeking a seasoned coach, guide and mentor to walk with. 




Choice Point Living offers a thought provoking process that encourages self-discovery while intentionally engaging the breath, body, stillness, symbolic sight of archetypal forces, ancient wisdom of Ayurveda & key cosmology co-ordinates.  

Our work together will be held in a WEL-Systems Context.

This package includes:

  • Dedicated monthly sessions with your coach, designed to support a deep connection with your inner voice, cultivate of a safe haven for discovery and a compassionate accountability allay whose got your back.
  • An opportunity to open up your intuition and relationship with archetypal forces influencing your life, leadership & service.
  • Awaken to your capacity to self-generate an enlivening life.
  • Infuse your expression of leadership and service with the wholeness of your being.
  • Unlimited email support over the duration of the engagement.
  • Supported self directed & guided processes designed to awaken and engage conscious choice.
  • Access to one Choice Point Living Signature workshop or seasonal retreat @ a VIP Client rate.

Choice Point Living also offers individual Coaching sessions & customized packages.