Seasonal Shimmer

An Invitation to relax into illumination beyond conditions

As Christmas approaches and this year comes to an end, I am reminded of my delight in both the lights of the holiday season and the promise of new beginnings.

This time of the year holds many memories and great symbolism. Regardless of your chosen view of religion, spirituality or theology of consumerism, you can not deny this time is rich with experiences that evoke deep emotional states.

As with all experiences, duality exists in our minds. The light and shadow of experience can have us swing to delight or despair.

The choice point is the degree to which we allow circumstances and conditions to dictate our state. 

This holiday season I am choosing to embrace the shimmer of the season beyond what is or is not present. Beyond what others are saying, doing or being. Beyond what I "think" should or should not be happening. I choose to relax into illumination beyond conditions.

I choose to embrace my shimmer and to see the shimmer in each and every moment and person I engage.

This will require a decision to be present, to breathe and to be in my body. Inviting the mind chatter that sets up the attachment (often ripe with disappointment) to conditions to direct my experience of myself this holiday season, to take a vacation!

My wish and invitation for you is to relax into the illumined light that you are.

May the shimmer of the season fill your mind, body and soul.