Awaken To Your Co-ordinates. Maps Are Helpful. They Invite The Exploration Of Territory.

This morning as I sat with a client's archetypal chart I am supporting her with, I was reminded of the rich encoded wisdom we each come into the world with. There is a call I believe for us to co-create with these energies. 

As I have studied astrology (Vedic and now western) and archetypes over the past few years I am coming to see clearly that

intent is born within/of each of us, with a capital "I".

An invitation to move solely beyond the level of conversations of improvement, what I want, what others need be to be or do and to step more fully into co-creation. To bring into the light of our awareness the rich tapestry within which we come here to engage, heal and bring into how we relate to life, leadership and service.



What a blessed time to dive into a conversation about one's sacred contracts and the energies that await our attention. In this seasonal space between, what a glorious time to enter into a deeper inquiry about "what's next?"

Contact me today to begin your archetypal journey of discovery today!