The Space Between


As we stand in the space between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, I am reminded of the sacred field of co-creation. Often as this time of year rolls around, I have chosen to dive into reflection and visioning what I want for the New Year.

Historically I've set goals and created a theme to focus on in the coming year. Truth be told, these are often dripping with "the should's". What should my goals be; Who do I need to become in order to __________ (fill in the blank)..... be happier, more successful, better at being a human. These are all noble in their focus and yet most often have set me up for failure.

I have been sitting with a deep inquiry of my becoming and re-imagining a new story of co-creation with life (at all levels, in all areas). 

I am aware this morning that as I welcome my visioning for the New Year, there are insights emerging that are causing shifts in my process,  

inviting me to dissolve old ways of relating with life....from shaping to co-creating.

My historical view of needing to shape my vision has roots born from the burden of "needing to" go it alone. Thinking that I have to figure it out and then I can shape "it" with greater intention. I am coming to see I've had this somewhat upside down.

Co-creation for me in this moment contextualizes all aspects of relating. How I am relating to myself, others, my work......on and on.

I keep seeing and sensing the imagery of the space between.

This space is where separation doesn't exist, where the infinite and timeless nature of our being resides. It is infinite and pregnant with potential. It can not be rushed or scheduled to perform. It demands a softening and a decision to honour it's inherent intelligence.

Shaping transforms into relating. Relating demands listening. First to myself, deeply with the stillness and space between what presents in experience.

This commitment of inquiry has been at times groundless and quite uncomfortable. I've wrestled with the stillness of not knowing and at times deep fears and self-doubt. I've courted my energies of frustration, impatience and have found myself often having chosen to feed my fear, versus my faith. It has had me at times, beating myself up for not hitting my goals (as I'd set back last year this time), has had me wanting at times to throw in the towel and contemplate going back to old tried and true ways of living, leading and serving. And yet, each time I awaken with breath and stillness of this relating to the energies presenting, I hear a soft still voice invite me to STAY.

To be here now & honour the pregnancy process of creation. Deciding to merge & move with it, no need to engage struggle (historical patterns of denial or resistance).

In considering what I've held as collaboration, co-creation.....there has been two separate aspects/elements/people coming together to create something new (of which each alone aspect could not accomplish). Yes, this feels like the "i"ntent. And yet, as I consider the "I"ntent, I can see the fulfillment of it's fruition lies in the nurturing of the space between and centering in the context of holism. I love the statement of "it's never only about what's its about". Meaning, there are a multitude of layers unfolding all at the same time. Just because we can not see anything happening directly with our eyes, doesn't mean there isn't anything happening.

Faith opens up for me as fuel when I remember I am here to co-create versus shape.

I am never alone when I stand in the remembrance that I am not only the wave of the ocean but of the ocean itself. As a wave, I am at peace with my dance of the ocean flowing in and out. The space between each wave doesn't mean the ocean has stopped moving, stopped creating. Also, consider the majesty of the intelligent dance taking place right now in your nervous system, the space between the stimulus and the response, the firing required for me to be typing this right now; the space between the notes of a beautiful piece of music; the space between the words on the screen; the space between my speech or another.

This space between whether the days between now and New Years, or the very space between your breath, the thoughts, your ideas holds some wisdom for you.

I invite you to get to know this space for yourself.

Experiment with listening to a beautiful piece of music and bring the focus of your attention to the space between the notes and words. As you move about your days, bring the fullness of your awareness of the invitation of the moments and spaces between. Pause before you respond. Spend some time in nature and reflect within the space between your activities of daily living as you ponder your year ahead. Start to notice the space between you and another, consider what is right there, inviting you as a co-creator.