Know Your Nature and Honour It

Living in choice as you discover your nature and honour it, one moment to the next!

Our world abounds today with invitations to know ourselves better.  A plethora of process and tools to uncover who we really are and what makes us tick exist, whether we are career planning, addressing issues of health and wellbeing, facing a major life transition or we have chosen to dive into the wonders of our spiritual nature.

At the roots of this quest for many of us is our desire to discover some “state”, whether happiness, peace, fulfillment, a sense of meaning and purpose, that will come alive once we get to the bottom of the questions,

“Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

For others, and most often I see this sojourn begin with clients I work with, the start point is that something practically in their lives is just not working! After completing my first coaches training, I stepped into a decade of exploring what I call the BIG questions,

  • Who am I?

  • What is most important to me?

  • How else might I choose to live? and as a result Who else might I then need to become?

  • How can I best serve and contribute in the world?

Today, I can share with you that these inquiries are still alive and well in me.

However, these questions have shifted their aim from being on the hunt for a destination to a framework of exploration, a process of discovery that is fluid and filled with wonder, hope, fear, courage, delight, regret, disappointment and renewal.

Time and time again, I am being taught to ride the wave of life, rather then searching for the final clue that will allow me to wrestle it to the ground.

Interesting choice of words ? AND they paint two ways in which I can bounce from one choice to the next as I live and lead.  Many years ago I remember someone sharing with me an article written by Bonnie Ware on the Five Regrets of The Dying.

Bonnie brought the wisdom she was hearing in her relationship with the dying into print and out into the world.  I see this work as an act of the sacred scribe. She has given voice to invitations from those who stepped into their second greatest transition of life, death of the body/personality.

In this recent Ted Talk, Bonnie once again gently points each of us to consider important questions about:

what song our heart is here to sing and to challenge us to embrace courage with compassionate acts of authentically living it!

Her call to

ponder death as an invitation of living

is for me a potent and clear reminder of choice AND…to step into its power in consciously choosing to create my life in ways that honour my nature.  

What is calling to be honoured in your nature these days?