Three Doorways of Discovery

At some point we find ourselves wondering and wandering around the inquiries of

who am I?

what do I value?

what are my strengths, my gifts, my talents?

what do I believe about myself, and the world?

how can I best serve?

Often, these questions awaken on the heels of a key life transition. Maybe you've just moved through a transformative experience that has rocked your world? Maybe you're tired of spinning, feeling lost, frustrated? Maybe you're confused about "where to from here"?

Whatever your current circumstances, there are a huge number of teachers, support professionals, tools, approaches and processes that exist today to support you.

Your insights will be dependent on the doorway you choose to step into.

  1. Personality, your physical nature

  2. Spirit, your energetic expression

  3. Soul, your cosmic expression

This frame was first introduced into my awareness as I began my study of work by Caroline Myss.

Like my experience with Yoga and Ayurveda, you can engage with the practices through the lens of physical, energetic or cosmic. What becomes possible is largely dependent on the context from which you CHOOSE to engage the wisdom and practices. For example, do you see yourself as a person who is seeking relief from your practice? Do you see yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience? A human having a spiritual experience? etc. One is not better than the other. 

What is important is to.....

Bring awareness to three things:

1. The context from which you are choosing to step into any doorway of discovery.

2. That there are many doorways and each has it's value.

3. What is motivating you to step into a doorway of discovery.


Whichever door you enter is valuable and offers rich insights. 

Insights may scare, change, or inspire you. Ultimately, for me, at the heart of my work, is the invitation of your transformation. The context is becoming not fixing.

Why bother?

On some level you feel that something needs to change. You may not know what or how, you just know that continuing on the same old same old path just ain't working.

This is good news.

The time is ripe to take stock and reconsider these larger questions.


You matter & you are needed.