Exploring your nature....

Are you curious about.....

What makes you tick?
What strengths you have to lean into?
What values are driving you today?
How your personality expresses?

There are a TON, and I mean a TON of self assessment tools and processes in the world today! As a coach and educator I see a new one pop up almost daily. Many of these are tools that have been automated to help us figure out some really key and profound answers to our search for the answers to some of the questions I have posed above.

I am not here to argue for the validity of one over another, or even if they hold meaning by themselves. Truth is for me, many of these tools have offered a tremendous value in my reflection and contemplative practice of development. Many I share and invite clients to engage.

Here are a few that you can access quite easily without having to spend a ton of money! and offer I believe great insights to start the juices flowing for you in exploring your nature.


Barrett Values Centre

The Personal Values Assessment is a simple survey that takes just a few minutes of your time and provides a wealth of information about why you do what you do.


VIA Character Survey

Discover your character strengths in 10 minutes with the free, scientifically validated VIA Survey. Learn to use your character strengths to live your best life.


16 Personalities

Take our Personality Test and get a 'freakishly accurate' description of who you are and why you do things the way you do.


Strengths Finder

Clifton StrengthsFinder tells you how you’re talented. It identifies what you naturally do best. It provides customized results that name your unique talents. It shows you how you’re special, and how to succeed by turning your talents into strengths.


Discover your Ayurvedic Constitution

Ayurveda is translated as the science of life. A 5000+ year old health science that weaves together the elements and rhythms and cycles of nature that support us to live in harmony with our own unique nature, combination of elements (space, air, fire, water and earth). In Ayurveda there is a concept called prakriti which is our basic constitution. It is believed that at the moment of conception our constitution was formed and outlines our physical and emotional qualities that come together and are describes as three main doshas or forces: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each of us has all three doshas in our constitution, in unique proportions. This survey will provide a snap shot of your unique combination. Once you know this you can begin the discovery of your nature through an Ayurvedic lens which offers tremendous wisdom in cultivating wellbeing.


Dharma Type

Explore what dharma type is influencing you this lifetime! Simon has created an incredible body of work with his Dharma Type which weaves vedic wisdom together with the practicalities of our lives today!

Once you have engaged with some exploration...How about sharing your discoveries with others!

I would be amiss to not say how helpful it is to share your sojourn with another or others. Our relationships with ourselves is crucial, and nothing speeds up the journey more, then when we open up and walk with another. Our sojourn gets accelerated when we engage with others who are also on their journey of discovery and living their process of becoming.

On the surface these tools (and many more out there) give you a peak, and the real invitations arrive when you dive deep into a conversation with another(s).

In many ways they have been for me stepping stones along a path that have lead me to much broader and deeper lines of inquiry for which an algorythm to identify answers doesn't exist.

Today, key parts of my discovery process involve stillness, listening deeply to myself, spending time in nature and engaging in learning and conversations that push the boundaries of my perception and tendency for solely rationale logical thought.

Ready for to leap into the broader, less tangible yet profound mysteries of life? 

WEL-Systems as a body of knowledge underpins my view of life. It elegantly weaves together ancient and quantum science in an accessible path of discovery and for me was a coming home. A place to discover and create again and again my process of living, one choice to the next.

Currently my focus of inquiries has lead me into the study and practice of archetypes, and Caroline Myss's work, Sacred Contracts and Spiritual Direction; Yogic Philosophy, with a passion for exploration of dharma, karma and keen interest in Tantric Philosophy offered through much of Rod Stryker's work, and continuing to lean into ayurvedic wisdom (huge fan of Banyan Botanicals for accessible information and products) for practical living, while exploring cosmic perspectives of vedic astrology and western astrology. Spiritually I have landed in the classroom of A Course In Miracles, thanks to the amazing work and translation of Marianne Williamson.


Are your ready to explore your nature?