The Impulse junky's new mantra....ya know, transitions are a GREAT TIME to PAUSE...


Are you moving through a transition? Career? Kids moving out? Moving through separation, divorce?


The are some big kahunas that often create a "giddy up" energy that may have you leap unconsciously. I know I have done this MANY times in my life. In doing so, I've discovered quickly that, as much as I tell myself I am creating “something new”, what in fact is REALLY happening is the dance of replication.


AKA… the Ground Hog Day experience?


I feel hard pressed in this moment to think of one transition that hasn’t offered a great invitation for me to take a vacation from the “we” long enough to figure out what the “me” actually wants and intends. 


Translated. Stop before leaping into the next career, position, deciding to have another child, marriage. Take some thoughtful time to really consider what you learned & what you are most inspired and drawn to be or do next?


There is such an external force, pressure for us to move on quickly, “hurry up, figure it out”. 

Now...there is ALSO a familiar dance for some of us of too much pause.

This week I have been in two conversations related to the speed & pace of moving forward through transitions.

One was about how as women we often sit on the fence way past the arc (know that one)


the other was how our inner impulse junky can leap for the sake of leaping (spent some time here as well) and as a result....create a hot mess.


So, how do you know when it is time to move and when it is time to STOP and just hang out in the "space between"?


As I reflect back on my experience of both, I can honestly say I had a sense of the need to counter balance a pull that was having me binge watch just little too long (e.g. hang out in a marriage or job way past the best before date!) or the sensation to just dive in because I just felt the need to move.


The question became, was I WILLING to listen to my inner guidance? or take the familiar path of fear taking hold.

Fear of not moving?

Fear of moving?

Practically this can look like;

Leaping into the next relationship, thinking, this person is different so therefore our experience will be.

Leaping into the next career move, thinking, this is a new organization, or maybe even a completely different industry, so, the experience will totally be different.

Ring a bell?

Maybe for you it looks like....

Kids gone, well it’s time to get pets, to sell the home, leave the loveless marriage, take up a plethora of classes, courses, you get the drill. Movin on for the sake of movin on.

ABSOLUTELY, none of these as stand alone choices are wrong or bad, the question becomes,

what fuels your choice?


Don't get me wrong, I am all about moving forward AND what I have discovered is the potency of giving myself permission to be right where I am at.

This demands a willingness to get quiet and still inside of myself & to being willing to listen to my inner guidance.

The re-imagining the ME & WE conversation, is a great invitation to pause, connect inside with your inner guru and experiment with something different!

I love how Jean Houston refers to the soul as the “lure of becoming”. In this moment after many years on the hot pursuit of my career, my vocation, my calling, my purpose, it feels like I have finally found some space to truly relax into what I believe is the greatest work of our life, becoming. 

Transitions are a great invitation to choose to mindfully engage with your soul's becoming. 

The good news/ bad news. This is your journey, your process AND you do not have to travel alone.

Check out the many avenues that Choice Point Living can support you today.


What transitions are you moving through in your life today?


How might this be an invitation to pause & check-in with yourself before leaping into the next “we” dance?