A Test of Faith: Practice and Conviction


Conscious Living 

Now more than ever, as I look out into the world, I wonder about the genius of intensity that is unfolding. As much as I see this occurring “out there”, in our collective political and social systems, I must also own the intensity that lives for me as well at this time.

Returning from a glorious three-week vacation with close to two full weeks of unplugging successfully, my re-entry has been interesting. Moving through the past few days with wobbly sea legs, I am back wandering around in a world that is rife with overstimulation, hot and struggle.

Like a splash of cold water in the face after a deep sleep, I am “attuned” to inner wisdom that is calling my willingness to engage faith in it's promise and to stand convicted in it's potential.

The question becomes,

Am I willing to live this inner wisdom beyond conditions?

Insights that have supported my steps forward in choosing a conscious transition....

Spending time in nature matters
Spending time over the past few weeks, moving, reflecting and being in nature reminded me of the simple core strength of faith. Faith in the majesty of life and the delicious fruits of choosing to live one day to the next, one foot in front of the other and one breath to the next.

I had many moments of my “mind” seeking to create complexity and challenge, where in truth there was none, moments of questioning, “could life flow like this, is this possible to bring this experience back?” Could it be so simple?

Choosing to honour the self-directed nature of living with gentleness
There were times when I wanted to do X and my husband wanted to do Y, instead of engaging a previously held view of either or, I pursued the “and” and with a gentle touch of choice, both easily co-existed. I am confident that this was a possibility directly linked to recent conversations of Re-Imagining the ME & WE.

Choosing to pause long enough to honour my nature and pay attention to the sensory cues in my body
I thought I went into vacation this year with a sense of solidness, in truth, it took me a little over a full week to truly “un-plug”. Some might say, “hey that’s not bad…other’s might say wow that’s fast”, I know for me what it revealed was the depth of “buzz my nervous system was grappling with”. I know this state well, it peaks with a cleverness that is so far outside of my awareness, I am on a fast track towards a “crash”.

I can see NOW, looking back how I made many consistent choices leading up to my vacation to abandon my tried and true receipe of empowered, embodied and enlivened living for “lots of good reasons”.

Oh…the clever reasoning!

I am struck by the profound impact to BOTH choose to create and fully engage "pause" in life that invites inner connection.

Appreciating the seen and unseen
Here is were faith really stepped in & up for me. I noticed over the course of my “vacation”, lots of moments emerged where I started to run the loops of thinking about my business, circumstances of my life and relationships and yet I had the space inside to stop and appreciate what was emerging for me in the moment, both what I could see and what I could not. 

Faith is taking the first step even when you do not see the whole staircase.

Martin Luther King Jr.

I am left wondering how we could ever begin to find a rhythm of sustainable living without some framework of considering the larger experience of life?

Whether this is spiritual, meta-physical and or scientific in nature, I have come away deeply aware of the need for us as a species to both spend time discovering and honouring our nature and choosing to engage our recipe for living that will most serve us today. This needs to be held in a much larger perspective of life, a context that supports our ability to trust in life again, to see the dark and the light simultaneously and root into what holistically will enable us to navigate beyond the present circumstances of our lives as separate from the collective.

What are you choosing to place your faith in these days?