Self Compassion ~ ME & WE Radical Act

Today is the 16 year anniversary of Sept 11th. Each year that passes, I am often in a funk on this day. Wondering what has shifted in the world since this horrific experience occurred.

Today as I look out into the world there remains such un-rest and great reveals of the breadth & depth of what feels like a truly unkind world. 

Even in my day to life, I have moments that have recently triggered the "ouch" factor. The sensation that has me pull back and wonder where the external expression of pain comes from.

I remember hearing many years ago that blame is but a strategy for one to discharge pain.

As Lisa & I move towards opening up our Re-Imagining ME & WE experience, I found myself reading this article on self-compassion.

I know so many of the "memes" the author speaks to in the article that cut off the flow of my self compassion.

Pain avoidance, fear management of the what ifs... who am I to...etc.

alI slip into many moments of self expression that only serves to keep a pattern in check that doesn't allow self compassion to truly take root.

When I lift up and then consider the ME & WE dance, I am struck by what a radical act self compassion truly is and how important it is in the re-imaging the ME & WE exploration.


Consider how self compassion is knocking at your door today, and how choosing to wrap your arms around this, for yourSelf might initiate a NEW ME & WE dance.

Self-compassion: The best medicine


The one contains the many & the many contains the one.

Without the one, there cannot be the many.

Without the many, there cannot be the one.

~Thich Nhat Hanh, Old Path White Clouds: The Life Story of the Buddha