What is your heart calling you into?

A New Year is fast approaching. This year feels auspicious. 2017 has for me been about closing a key life chapter.


With each new day in 2018, I choose to feel into the birthing of another. Beyond platitudes and calendars…endings and new beginnings, genuine transitions are sacred. 

Genuine transitions hold the birthing and becoming of ourselves, yet to be known.

Often we can only see these "genuine transitions" through the rear view window. As I reflect back over this past decade, I can see how the twists and turns of my discoveries, learning and insights have re-shaped my paradigm. As a result, choices have changed, what I believe and value has shifted and how I see has expanded.


Truthfully, I can not point to any one key learning or transition. Like me, my path has been rich with diverse experiences. A common thread throughout however has been my coming home, deep within.


Welcoming my heart opening. Allowing myself to dream. Letting in the dramas of the world that for all too often I held at bay through my denial and great story of, "well its not happening here".


Inviting the wisdom of choice to be the bridge that reconnects the head and heart in service of the soul. I've opened up to an inner power that truly I can only describe as feeling alive and home within my skin. This has not always been an easy path. It demanded a "going in", even when what presents as conditions and circumstances outside of myself is challenging me not to. Inviting me to close up, buckle down and get on with things the way they "should be".


It is not lost on me as well, how challenging this has been for those in my life. In fact, this, has most often for me been and continues to be my greatest challenge. How to stay true to myself in the we that is challenged by that.


Can I possibly honour myself while simultaneously honouring another? 


It has been and continues to be a great adventure of becoming me, while coming face to face with tribal views of expectations, disappointments and at times bewilderment.


There have been many stops along the way that have been filled with confusion, loneliness and despair. Interestingly, the opposite has also emerged. That of great clarity, a deep sense of never being alone and great hope. 


What I can say for sure in this moment is,

this is but that. A moment.


I am coming to deeply appreciate and welcome the journey. The pursuit of a destination has come full circle in my awareness. I think for me, it has been one of the greatest illusions (that I will arrive and voila).


I choose to fully greet this new time, this New Year that is on the cusp of its birth with great reverence of the "AND". Where head and heart merge together in service of the soul; where spirit infuses and flows in tissue; the feminine and masculine cease to compete for top energetic dog and the light comes to greet the dark.


This has and continues to invite me into learning and living in ways that often do not map to the currently held views of those around me. I have stepped out (and continue to) of my comfort zone.  

I have a well-honed and delicious intellect and strong practical nature. So to say my foray into the spiritual and metaphysical space of growth has been challenging at times, would be an understatement!


I've chosen to heed the call of my heart.

I am learning to be a partner. Failing and succeeding along the way. My Intent is to be a partner who champions both my own journey of genuine transitions and respect those of others, without, feeling the need to dial back or modulate my own. It's uncomfortable and unfamiliar for sure. At the same time, it feels deeply meaningful and important. As I have come to own my heart calling and appreciate it's impact, I can honestly say I feel greater compassion for the other with whom I am dancing with. 

The miraculous space for me now is in noticing the genuine transition point has arrived. Now,

I choose to embrace the pause, the space between and to welcome the process of becoming.

For sure, fear is often present, but it is filled with the wonder of what might be. It demands I release my grip of what no longer fits. The cycle of evolution lives within us all. Waiting our choice to co-create with it.

tell me,
what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

The head, heart and soul is calling us all to come into alignment.



To merge the logical and what might at times feel illogical. To welcome the spirit fully as the context for our physical and material experience. 


I invite you to be still, listen to that quite inner voice of your being whispering the call to your next adventure of living.

A great inquiry is to sit with this question....

·      What is my heart calling me into this year?


Let it be known. I invite you to share your response here!