Thoughts for Consideration.....

Last eves. we had a great conversation in the Re-Imagining ME & WE January Face Book Live.

As I left, lots of thoughts continued to rhumble inside. This morning as I engaged my muse of writing:), these thoughts emerged.

I wanted to share these thoughts out loud as an invitation.

If you're here, and choose to read, my invitation is to take a breath, soften and consider what shows up for you.

Words are but a conduit for sharing what presents for us. The challenge and greatest opportunity for co-creation lives in our willingness to take words inside, AND notice, name and reveal what energy and information emerges for us with another.

Consider how you relate to:


Avoiding or dismissing the alchemical force of forgiveness is the invisible web that keeps us held in our past stories that fuel our rationale for why we can’t, our “how comes”.


Expectations form a force field that keep us from living in the now and taking ownership of what lives inside of us.

Judging other

Judging another relieves the inner pressure that builds when I am out of alignment/integrity with myself.

Judging self

Is the sport of the athlete who wants to win the race. As long as I get to the finish line of seeing what’s wrong with me here first, I am safe and I win.


Your body , Your Spirit

What could shift in our experience of ME & WE relating, if we were to identify with spirit versus the body?