The MR & MRS of Transitions Inviting Transformation

Heroine’s Journey.

It's time to sojourn holistically.

I want to invite you to consider masculine and feminine beyond gender. Consider, the energetic qualities of each and what might be possible if we could bring them together, rather than polarizing their gifts of expression.

So much of life has us polarizing experiences. In that, the alchemy of transformation isn't fully leveraged. 

Having said that, there are some cultural realities we must acknowledge and engage along our "me" sojourns that are different. And yes, they pose key choice points that call up fears born of the past.

Today, I would offer, it is time for us to move out of our cocoons together.

The hero and heroine, walking side by side as we embrace both the personal and collective transitions of our times, together, differently.

The narrative of the MR & MRS has two distinct paths of becoming and yet energetically they call up similar invitations.

When we see but one path, we miss the transformation. On one level it is I believe occurring whether we "see" it or not. And yet, the potential that is born remains limited by the eyes through which we're seeing.

Astrology offers a picture of our whole being. It honours the polarities existent in the world of matter & psyche.

The two great luminaries present in all of our “natures” invite a passageway of integration of ME & WE that influences the and of personal / collective growth.

It is important to remember that both women and men have both the Sun and Moon, the basic masculine and feminine archetypes, within their psyche. These principles represent the great yang-yin polarity that pervades existence. It is unclear how much of our masculine and feminine “natures” is culturally conditioned and how much is innate, though certainly there does seem to be a greater intrinsic resonance between the Moon archetype and a woman’s body and psyche in her childbearing and nurturing capacities.
— Rick Tarnas

The Heroes Journey of adventure and becoming is well known in our culture. However, it is just one aspect of our being. It beautifully highlights a masculine expression of a sojourn of becoming.

For those who have awakened to our sojourn, as women, it offers but one aspect of the whole that is calling us forward. It doesn't illuminate the feminine wisdom we've incarnated with and offers a great opportunity to step back and choose the "AND", inside.

The following are some resources to consider in your current phase of the heroine’s journey. My intention is to invite considerations to awaken possibilities for how you are choosing to engage.


In my work with women, I love to lean into Maureen Murdock’s work, the Heroine’s journey.


Maureen has charted an alternative for women. I would offer she’s completed a story. She brought what was missing to a view of becoming.


The Heroines’ path. She mapped out cycles and phases of the Heroine’s journey. To learn more check out the Heroine’s Journey Project. In particular, I most resonate with how Victoria Lynn Schmidt then evolved this with her work in further defining the stages.


Check out this TEDx Whitehall Women Talk that speaks to the Heroine’s Journey & Transition by Pia Jones.


What deeply resonated for me was her elegant description and visual presentation of the cocoon stage that so often as women we seek to rush through. In truth, the feminine expression of transition is most aptly represented by pregnancy and child birth.


We tend to (although today, we also try to manage this as well through booking and scheduling this process as well) allow the process to unfold and go with it. Yet, in life other types of transitions have us looking to a masculine expression of platitudes that most often direct us to “just get on with it!”, “pull up those big girl panties’ and get going”, “stop fretting, stop being so…..”. (fill in your favorite voice of judgement statement here:). Can you relate?



As Pia aptly invites in her Ted Talk, there is much to be gained for our sojourn of becoming, if we were to:


~choose to engage processes that invite inward rather than solely focusing on outward activities.

~reconnect to other ways of engaging our heart, mind, body & spirit.




What might be possible if we were to fully welcome and value accessing feminine wisdom of process versus producing a product or taking action for action's sake?


How might we choose to engage our imaginations, innocence, sense of creativity and play more in our becoming?


In between Pia's words, I felt a deep call for patience and self-compassion.


Let’s say you’re here. In the muck of it. My invitation is to dive into three inquiries:


  • How are you choosing to "be" with yourself?

  • What conversations are happening "inside" of you? and to what degree are you willing to express these, outside in the presence of another with whom you trust?

  • How are you framing your experience?


Maybe like me, you’re just waking up to the powerful soul growth that is actually happening. Maybe like I’ve done in the past, your fear is inspiring denial or grasping for past habits and strategies that although cognitively you know are NOT helpful, they're known and offer a criptic, short term repreave.


Recognition and noticing is not enough. Yes awareness is the first step of becoming. To integrate and harness the holistic invitation of your transition, more is required. This is an inner journey that we must be willing to engage. 

You may be saying, great, so I can see this, NOW What?


Well…. in addition to what Pia offers for consideration in her talk of tapping into creativity as your midwife, try reaching out. Have this be your "outward action" for now.

I know isolation so well and its absolute predictable path of creating more of what I’ve got. In fact, as I am typing this, I have pushed myself out into a coffee shop to get out of my home office. The walls can close in there like nothing else, and yet at the same time feel oh so cozy and familiar.


Maybe it’s time to learn how to cultivate some inner capacities for engaging the inner terrain beyond the negative self-talk grove?



Maybe it’s time to open up to different ways of considering not only who you are, but what you are.


Maybe it’s time to step off and into a sojourn of becoming with another or others who too are committed to midwifing their transformation?


If so, I invite you to connect.


My mission is to support women’s emowerement for the sake of positively contributing to women leading well together, now. I am deeply committed to sharing practical spirituality for the modern women.

Times of waiting for permission in our lives, leadership and service have long past the arc. This is not for the faint of heart. I can attest, as we dive into an expanded view of ourselves, life opens up in ways you could not possibly imagine.

This is your sojourn, just like mine is mine, AND, we do not need to do it alone.

Walking with others, is inspiring, supportive & accelerates the process!