Heart Practices

Create space & time throughout your day to awaken your heart. To invite a communion of mind and heart to be in flow.


The following are supportive exercises to awaken greater flow of heart into your life, leadership & service.


The Ohio State Wexner Medical Centre have a webpage that provides a number of helpful exercises to experiment with.


Self Compassion

A foundational conversation for each of us seeking to live a more heart centred life, is Self Compassion. Many years ago I discovered the amazing work of Dr. Kristin Neff on Self Compassion. Her website offers a plethora of resources to awaken this inner dialogue.

Welcome all of your Senses

Often, we attempt to access our heart wisdom from our minds. I can attest that this is a challenging path to choose. I am a uber fan of Louie Schwartzberg's work with Moving Art. He offers an incredible array of images and sounds that awaken our senses beyond thinking. 

I invite you to check out his amazing work and drink in what it evokes for you.

In particular I would point you towards his gallery of gratitude revealed movies.