Choice. A Power Lever Of Life.

When I made the decision to open my coaching & consulting business I spent a fair amount of time in selecting a business name.


As I wandered around my journey of growth and my desire to be of service in the world as a soul-full entrepreneur, many names showed up.


Then one day, out of the blue (as my experience of my intuition often presents) Choice Point Living emerged.


Boom. I knew deep in my soul this was the name, a symbol of the work that I wanted to contribute through in the world.


Many encouraged me to change it, shorten it. Select something that was more descriptive. I refused. I knew this name embodied what I am here to be & do.


You see all that I have been on the search for in my life and with my studies and practice have revolved around a central theme.


The power of choice.


Of owning this power that, so many of us are blessed with in the Western World. 

and well....


Living is what it is all about.


In any domain of life: Health/Well-Being, Relationships, Career/Vocation, Financial, or any area of focus to grow in, leadership and service, the context is our life.


Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we’re always choosing.

Choice is a lever that offers immense alchemy when we are aware, conscious and present in the now.


Knowing that we can choose and choose again has been an incredibly liberating experience for me.


Curious about the outcome of your choices? 

Look at your life.


Another important layer comes into focus at this time as we awaken to the power of choice and begin to examine our myths and stories around its influence on our life. That is,



I remember starting to wake up and experiment with this powerful force. It wasn’t always easy, not pretty as I took a long hard look at what was being co-created with life as a result of my choices. When this started to happen, another pattern of choice emerged for me. A default of avoiding choices for fear of making the wrong one. This was a powerful insight as it allowed me to reconsider how I might hold choice more lightly. This is the gift of life for so many of us. The power to choose again and again and again. Each of us will have developed some default patterns and myths around choice.


Whether we fear to fully own our choices that we're feeling guided / inspired to make, for fear of things changing. Whether like me, the fear of owning or even making a choice is preventing you from making it, for fear of it being wrong (which ultimately comes down to "me" feeling wrong). Or maybe you hold a view that choice is static. And, once made, you need to stick with it to the bitter end.


Wherever you stand in your life, leadership and service today, I encourage you to start to explore choice for yourself.


The following are three invitations for you:


1. Three questions to help you jump start your exploration of your power of choice.

  • When I look at my life, leadership and service today, what do I see as the outcome of my choices?

  • How comfortable am I with making a choice and sharing it with others?

  • What are the historical stories of choice that still inhibit my growth and service today?


2. I encourage you to watch Caroline Myss TED Talk on choices that can Change your Life

3. Read and reflect on this beautiful poem by Margaret Wheatley on

Choice where she invites a more expanded and infinite view of choice.


Choice makes the world go round. The only problem is we don’t know this. Everything in our world – what we feel, who we like, what we dislike, what we do – is a choice. We become more conscious participants in any situation.

We need first to notice that we’ve made choice about everything in our lives. How we react and respond, every single feeling is a choice. Every situation has infinite possibilities for interpretation and reaction. But we collapse all those possibilities the second we assign a feeling or judgment to the situation.

How do we get out of this constriction and discover infinite choice?

It begins with recognizing that we’re not locked in by our perceptions, that other responses are possible. Instead of deciding we don’t like a person, even if the reason seems valid and obvious, we could pause and take another look. Or we could ask them a question that invites them to reveal something more about themselves.

Or on a day when we’re beating up on ourselves, or feeling depressed, we could notice that we’re telling ourselves a story. At that moment, we could deliberately choose another story, one that’s positive, bragging, and graceful. It won’t be a true story, but none of them are. They’re all fictions of our drama queen minds.

Changing the story seems unauthentic, lacking integrity. But in this case, authenticity is very over rated, and extremely limiting,

Why, in this world of infinite freedom and choice, would we lock ourselves into one petty story, not matter how much time, attentions and creativity we’ve spent composing it.

~Margaret J. Wheatley


Interested in exploring choice more in your life, contact me.


It is often in our conversation with another, that the true roots of how we relate to choice emerges.