The Experiment Perspective

In many ways change has felt MOST hard for me when I have feared getting it wrong. What's lived underneath has been the fear of judgment from others, when it truth, the master judge I've discovered lives with in.


At other times, when I haven't been clear on how to approach something differently post a perceived failure, I can get plain old stuck.


As I have chosen to go more deeply into what's going on for me, beyond the "change conversation", I've come face to face with what is most true for me.


A few years ago I read the book Immunity To Change. In addition, I had the pleasure of co-leading with a certified facilitator in the ITC process with a group seeking to develop a healthier relationship to work.

This process is stellar in supporting individuals and teams to uncover hidden assumptions that are getting in their way of change. One of my most favourite take aways from this process (in addition to its' deep dive into what's most going on for us when we're seeking to grow and change) was the value of adopting what I call the experiment perspective. For more information about this work, check out the book or scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch a great video from the co-founder/co-author of this book and work, Lisa Lahey.

Back to the power of the experiment perspective.

Archetypally, I am blessed in some ways to have both the pioneer and detective archetypes as part of my chart of origin archetypal posse. So, I get I may have an affinity from the get go to this perspective.

And yet, there is great strength I believe in road testing this perspective.

Let me give an example. Over the past few months I have been experimenting with diet.  As a lover of meat, I wondered what it would be like to experiment with not eating meat for a defined period of time. I had all kinds of stories about how I would starve without meat; how eating a diet devoid of meat would equal to countless hours prepping and shopping and cooking....really all kinds of stories that I busted up.

I have experienced eating well in alignment with Ayurvedic principles of my diet for many years. And yet, I was curious to explore a full program from soup to nuts (literally). I chose to invest in Kriss Carr's Crazy Sexy You 21 Day Total Wellness Program. Why? I think she rocks! I was not disappointed. This program is super organized and makes its super easy to follow from start to finish.

I knew this was an experiment. This made it kind of fun!

Over the years I have experimented with lots of different approaches to mind-body-spirit wellness programs. Not all would I recommend. Some are little off the path of what I truly believe from an Ayurvedic and sound health training as a nurse for over 20 years. Having said that I would give Kriss Carr's work a Choice Point Living Thumbs up!

Her program focuses on an anti-inflammatory, whole foods, plant-based diet that avoids gluten, corn, dairy,eggs,meat,sugar,processed carbs, alcohol and LIMITS caffeine. She has lots of alternatives for those with sensitivities to soy foods and nuts. She also has a night-shade free version. If this calls to you, hop on over to her site to explore further. 

Bottom line, I would love to leave you with three invitations:

1. Consider,

  • What benefit could adopting an experiment perspective offer to your life, leadership and service today?

2. Reflect on this lovely poem by Margaret Wheatley on Experiments. 

May it inspire you to try on something new today!

Life is just one big experiment and so are all of your efforts and great intentions to impact our world for good. If the solutions to problems – personal and global – were known, they wouldn’t be problems now.

Even though this logic seems rather obvious, it’s strange how so many people keep applying old methods and old thinking to these issues, even as they keep failing. It seems we’d rather keep exhausting ourselves with failure than change our minds and admit that new ideas are needed.

Truthfully, we don’t have the faintest idea what to do.

Yet this is not an admission of defeat, it’s an invitation to experiment.

Instead of exhausting ourselves with doing the same thing only faster with more vehemence, we could shift into curiosity.

Curiosity is a very compelling space – open, rich, friendly. We’re willing to be surprised rather than having to get it right. We’re interested in others’ perspectives, intrigues by differences, stimulated by new thoughts.

Curiosity is a very pleasant place to dwell. Relaxing even. And most certainly fruitful.

All it requires is letting go of certainty and admitting we don’t know what we’re doing.

Let the experiments begins.

~Margaret J. Wheatley


3. Watch this video of Lisa Lahey share her perspective and work of supporting individuals & organizations to navigate change and complexity. Contemplate what resonates for you and where the experiment perspective could best serve you.


Finally I invite you to reach out and get support! If you're ready to experiment and empower your life, leadership & service, Contact me today!