Co-creating With Energies. The Integration Brew.


Consider your current circumstances as invitations to integrate energy.


Invite & allow your ability to respond by shining with and through your experience.

We are more resourceful than we "think".

What is energy?

There are many different definitions of energy. At it's core energy is often defined as the capacity of a physical system to perform work. Today, we've adopted the view of energy as a commodity. Something we have or do not have. We've inserted the concept of energy into the box of a noun.


For the purposes of this article, I would like to offer the concept of


energy as an expression of life force in flow.



Consider energy as a dynamic expression that influences creation. Einstein’s theory, E=mc2 offered the perspective that even “empty” space is filled with energy.  Western traditions offer us a view that we are energy fields in a dynamic dance with life. I prefer this view. While no one really knows exactly what energy is, we can all seek to understand it by observing it in our own bodies, minds and lives. Context is important as we expand our curiosity around energy's role.


In the study of Ayurveda, we're invited to consider our life force through various windows of elemental expressions of energy. Space (Ether), air, fire, water & earth. In astrology, we’re invited to consider our dance with energies formed as a result of how planets and the illuminators (sun and moon) where positioned (zodiac sign and house, aka domain of life) at the time of our birth. Then, there are the rhythms of energies that greatly influence our experience. The rhythm of the day, the seasons, the tides, the moon, our developmental phase of life etc. 

In the domain of the psyche, there is a vast amount of work that has been offered to consider patterns of the dynamic dance of energies, called archetypes.

Bringing our attention and awareness to this dance offers us tremendous growth & progress towards integration of the “ME” & “WE”.

As you can see, what I am offering is a view on energy that has as it's core, a principle of relating.

A dance between the known and unknown, a dance between resonance and dissonance.

Think of resonance (a term associated most often with sound…an expression of energy) as a as a musical tone in a vibrating body or system caused by waves from another body vibrating at nearly the same rate. What you may experience as a "pleasant" combination of musical sounds.

Think of dissonance as what you may experiences as "unpleasant" combination of musical sounds. A combination of waves vibrating at different rates.


Today, I want to explore and share information for your consideration, relative to two contexts and related invitations.


In our "ME" & "WE" dance, Who else might we become, if we were to step back and choose to co-create with energies, rather than attempting to "manage" them?




Who else might we become if we were to choose to integrate inherent dissonant energies of our elemental (Ayurvedic) and planetary (Astrological) make-up?



Our ME & WE Dance 


Often when we're faced with what we might deem as challenges in life, we assume a scripted role. Think of a scripted role as a habituated response to a familiar trigger.


In the late sixties, Stephen Karpman published what is now known today as the Karpman Drama Triangle.

In this, he described essentially three key archetypal roles of responding to a perceived trigger that invites what I call a dis-embodied and dis-empowered dance of energies.


The victim, persecutor, rescuer. As with all archetypes, there exists what I like to think of as third position. This third position invites the integration of the shadow & the light aspect of the archetypal pattern.





Back to the victim, persecutor and the rescuer.

In these roles, there is both an inherent shadow (unseen, unowned motivations) and an inherent light (perceived good intentioned actions) set of qualities. The third position, the integrated position, is where awareness is created around both the shadow and light energies being activated in the situation, circumstance. This awareness requires an welcoming of the energies in the body to be claimed as one’s own, versus as being the result, or directed by the perceived other.


In this, a potential exists to integrate, digest and sit with both experiences fully.

This offers a broader vantage point from which to view the situation and as a result, co-create with the energies an embodied and empowered response. Choices shift beyond habituation.

For example, for me often in this "me and we" dance, habitually, I find myself managing pain and exerting control. Two habituated responses designed to "manage", rather than co-create with these energetic cues.


If you're interested in re-imagining your ME & WE in the context of pain and control, I invite you to join this upcoming conversation, held in a WEL-Systems Context.


There have been many solution driven theories offered as antidotes to Karpman’ drama triangle. The Winners Triangle was published by Acey Choy in 1990.  For example, the victim is invited to assume a position of vulnerability, assuming responsibility to be self-aware and to request support when needing to problem solve; the persecutor is invited to adopt the script of being assertive in their requests and the rescuer to show concern and caring "when requested" to do so.

More recently there is a great piece of work that is called The empowerment dynamic (TED). This is offered by David Emerald and can be explored further at:

In this model, Emerald also offers a reframe on the roles. Victims are invited to be creators. Creators are focused on being outcome oriented versus problem oriented. They’re invited to be self-responsible for addressing challenges. And, to learn to work with dynamic tensions while taking steps towards their vision. Persecutors are invited to step into a role of challenger. Here they focus on supporting themselves and others in service of growth. Finally, rescuers are encouraged to assume a role of coach. Here the see themselves and others as capable and competent. Instead of swooping in to save the day, the coach asks powerful questions and offers alternative reframes that support themselves or others to identify for themselves, how else they might approach the perceived difficulty.



Beyond, roles, old or new scripts,

What is possible if we were to own the fullness of our present moment experience? 


What if we chose to create space to process both the light and shadow of the energetic experience presenting in the now?

To do so, I have discovered and continue to, demands I engage the energy & information moving in my body as a co-creator with the mind.

This offers an environment where the experience can be digested and integrated.


My invitation, the next time you notice & name a pattern of any one of these scripted roles emerging for you,


Take a few deep breaths, drop into your body and let what is there to flow. Then, consider how you choose to respond.


Responsibility for me as an empowered & embodied spirit invites my commitment to grow my "ability to respond".

This lives beyond living a new or old script. 





Our Ayurvedic & Astrological Blueprint.


In Ayurveda, a core premise of working holistically with our body & mind is the principle of opposites. We're oriented to the body and mind through the elemental combination of the five elements of space, air, fire, water & earth. Each of us are said to incarnate with a make-up, a combination of these elements known as doshas. As we live within the context of an elemental field, we're invited to practically live in harmony with our nature. When we notice our inner sense of harmony of body / mind is off, it is a call to explore how we've acquired too much of one (or more) elemental energies. Basically, we’re taught how to dynamically work with awareness of body and mind within and with the basic elements of life.


Astrologically we’re born with an imprint of the heavens, known as our natal chart. Within this blueprint, we come into physical form with patterns between planets and the illuminaries (Sun & Moon), the zodiac signs & houses they're positioned in. Encoded are patterns that work together to create resonance and patterns that create dissonance.



Like with the offering above, today, I would suggest that these patterns offer a great invitation to integrate this lifetime. Some view karma as the driver of these patterns. I tend to be open to this. At the end of the day however, the more I learn about astrology and deepen my understanding of Archetypes and Ayurveda, I am less concerned about the “why” of these patterns of dissonance or resonance, and more interested in working with them as a co-creator.


If you’re interested in bringing greater awareness to your energetic patterns (whether your archetypal patterns; ayurvedic make-up and or basic astrological patterns offered in your relationship with the heavens)


are ready to co-create with these differently, I would love to walk with you on this incredible sojourn of empowering and embodying your spirit.