Balance Beyond Scales. Working With The And Of Life.


Consider Balance as the alchemy of "opposites" in flow


Day three of the most recent Copra Centre 21 Day Meditation challenge. I deeply appreciate the invitation relative to the “weight” conversation, beyond the physical "lbs" reflected back at me on the scale.


I highly recommend this experience as it offers a holistic consideration of weight.

As we round the corner from winter into spring, we naturally are being invited into the alchemy of dark - light. 


Lets explore alchemy:

Alchemy is a process of transformation. Beyond contextual definitions, for me, it describes the product of a "coming together" of singular elements to produce something beyond the simple addition of them together. I like to think of it like 1+2=5 (versus 1+2=3).


Alchemy is a process that embodies co-creation.

The outcome is transformation.


Often when we "seek" to co-create out there, we're missing a key ingredient of the alchemical process, that is....... what is moving inside of each person in the co-creative dance.

At the heart of this experience lives the invitation of the Re-Imagining ME & WE.

In many ways I view the woman leaders emerging as empowered and embodied spirits in flow, as the healers of the world. Yes...feels big. For more on this...check out my recent blog: Women Leaders, Women Healers.


Why Mantra Meditation?

Mantras are extremely powerful. There are many forms of meditation. Whether you are called to meditation in any form, I would suggest creating space each morning to be still and practice inner listening. Today, THIS IS one of the most powerful ways you can  best "captain your ship" throughout the day! The more you weave this into your morning practice, your capacity to engage this throughout the day, moment - moment, grows.

Personally, I resonate with mantra meditation. Mantra meditation feels good vibrationally and offers my mind an activity to engage in my stillness each morning. In addition, their is encoded wisdom inherently in mantra seed sounds. They offer us great healing and transformation on layers that we often are unable to calibrate!


Today’s invitation was to embody the intention....

“As my emotions flow freely, my life is lightened”

Lot's in this relative to our conditioned norms around expressing and revealing what we call emotions!


Let's head back to considering balance....


Balance is often mis-used, mis-pursued and as a result sets up challenging inner and outer experiences for us in the western world. 


Accepted western definitions of balance, have some key qualities.

~physical equilibrium

~finding a bridge and or equal distribution between perceived opposites

~Often we envision scales hanging in perfect balance


~Some view it as a stasis and steady state

My work for the past decade has been grounded in a dynamic view of balance.

One that invites and allows flow and an invitation to explore opposites.

The aim is to integrate and welcome the "and" of perceived opposites.


Not better or worse, just broader in nature.

Awareness & Choice are critical capacities to develop and engage in how we relate to balance (inside and out).


Last eves in our Re-Imagining ME & WE conversation this theme emerged.

We reflected on where we’ve been in this conversation of Re-Imagining ME & WE, in particular, our Feb. conversation of  Engaging and revealing our discomfort in /with secrets; where we’re at today and where we’re headed in April (Pain and Control in the ME & WE Dance).


In our conversation the alchemy of balance was present.

A recognition of a dynamic balance that becomes possible when we invite the alchemy of perceived opposites to come together and be in flow.

Two examples of "experiential opposites" were themes of intensity and stillness/peace; ease and intensity.

The alchemy of creativity (Stillness/inner peace + intensity)

The alchemy of vitality (ease + intensity)


Today's invitation:

Experiment with this exercise to bring awareness to how you may be relating to opposite experiences.

For example, are you wrestling (this is often how it feels for me), two perceived opposite feelings, emotions, experience inside? such as I can be at peace or I can be productive and intense? I can be curious or I can be capable and smart? I can be tired or I can be effectual? I can be nice or I can be firm? I can be light and ease or I can be clear and competent? I can be successful or I can be free? I can be right or I can be wrong? I can be dependent or I can be independent?


Fill in your blanks here:

I can be __________ OR I can be _________.

How does this feel in your body?


Now, bring this NEW statement inside (have this statement rumble around in your body as you take a few slow deep breaths)

Repeat there times, filling in the blanks in this statement with the two you named above.

I am _______ and I am _________.


Consider this inquiry:

  • What's possible, if I were to own BOTH of these experiences fully?


Interested in developing greater awareness of your nature? Join me in the upcoming Daily Living Spring Online Workshop.


Interested in the conversation of Re-Imagining ME & WE in your life, leadership & service? Join Lisa and I in April!