Celebrate Love

Valentine’s Day has evolved to be a day of vast commercialization! (like many of our holidays here in the west). A day that some revere & many dread.

A day that pokes our deeply held views of love, romance & partnership. The presence & absence of love in our life. The quality; expectations and disappointment.


Who doesn’t like a good box of chocolate, bouquet of flowers, a day to be sensual and celebrated in love?

This year I was curious to dig a little deeper. Today, I wanted to share some thoughts looking through the window of astrology & myth.

As I explored with my research assistant, Mr. Google, I discovered a few interesting items I wanted to share. And, to offer a peak at a few astrological patterns to consider on this day of love & celebration.

Cupid is well known. Yes? The white, winged angel bestowing our beloveds with gifts.

Where did the giving of chocolate & flowers come from?

Well it is said that there was this guy named, Geoffrey Chaucer (14th Century) who wrote a poem (The Parliament of Fowls) that ignited a tradition of courtship rituals to take flight (pardon the pun). By the 15th century, this tradition saw lovers demonstrating their love by offering some gifts of candy, flowers & cards.

Some sources cite that this day occurred during a Roman festival linked to the liberation of fertility, called Lupercalia. What’s interesting is it’s link to the Goddess Hera (the spouse of ancient Greek father of the gods Zeus), Hera is symbolically represented in all of our cosmic natures by the asteroid Goddess, Juno. In fact, this was at one time known as the Festival of Juno Februa. Juno represents in this context, the purifier or the chaste.


Cupid is a recognizable symbol of this St. Valentine’s day. This symbology comes from the Roman god of desire and affection Cupid and what we know today as the ancient Greek counterpart of Eros.

In mythology, Eros was the child of Aphrodite. Astrologically Aphrodite is represented by Venus.

The story of Eros and Psyche appears in Greek art as early as the 4th century BC and is often viewed as the mythic journey of love. It’s struggle for love and trust. Ripe with jealousy and the primal desires that can lead us to make less than stellar choices:)

The tale points to deep wounding that sets off a never ending search. A hunger that in many ways fuels our day-day challenges in our ME & WE dances. Along the way the tale turns to the fruits of physical bliss, the carrot that pulls us all forward on our search for love. This ends with a creation, in many cases this creation appears as a child.

This story is worth exploring for anyone interested in examining the symbology of intimate love dances in their life!

Three astrological energies in play this St. Valentines, 2019.

Juno (Goddess of Marriage). The asteroid Goddess who points to our inner principle of right relations & commitment, is shining in the zodiac sign of Gemini. This Juno is seeking variety & stimulation. Think exchange & communication of ideas with your beloveds today. For a deeper look, explore Juno in your natal chart.

Juno is communicating with another point in the sky that’s inviting us all to consider the notions of traditions, social customs & equality.

Consider how you nurture these threads in your expressions of love today.

Venus our great Goddess Aphrodite is cloaked in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. There is a sweetness here. Venus represents many things in our astrological mandala. Today however, bring focus to the theme of attraction. With Venus in Capricorn, she is illuminating the slow and steady wins the race view of attraction. There is a responsible, earthy tone in her expressions of pleasure.

Venus is making a connection with an energy today that may bring forth structural, deep fears of commitment. Themes may emerge of how we each attempt to control in love. Which at its core illuminate any feelings of inadequacy (by the way, who doesn’t have these threads some where to be healed?). Venus is also making a sweet and romantic connection with mystical Neptune. Balancing out this tender energy of the Goddess today.

Mars is our masculine, active, passionate nature in love. Our desires shine forth in our Mars energy. Today, Mars transitions into the zodiac sign of Taurus. This like the Venus energy animates, a slow and steady quality to our passions. There is a call for tenacity and for patience.

Mars is cozied up to an electrifying energy in the sky which may ignite impulsive choices. Great courage & restless energy might propel us forward. Breakthroughs may happen. With the combination of all these threads of Mars today, you could find yourself pioneering a new chapter of LOVE.


  • how might I carve a new pathway of love in my life?


Pause and consider how you relate to love. With yourself & “others”.

  • Without using the word love, how would you describe it’s presence? and its absence?

Metaphysically love is equated with whole-ness & unity. It’s a “word” held to describe the force of all that there is. In many ways the place where our vertical essence intersects with our horizontal plane of expression.

As you contemplate LOVE, consider how else you might relate to yourself & other.

Recently I shared this interesting conversation on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday’s podcast with Gary Zukav & his partner Linda Harris. Exploring the potential of spiritual partnership.

Check it out.

How ever you choose to celebrate love today, my wish for you is a full heart of joy, delight & wonder!