Choice Beyond Doing. Who Do You Choose To Be?

Recently I have reconnected with the amazing work of Margaret Wheatley. I still remember my first read of Leadership & The New Science. BLEW my mind. Opened my heart and truly started to challenge my thinking about myself, change and well, life.

For many years, her core practices of life affirming leaders underpinned my work, my life. For many years as I remained working in health, focused deeply on my own growth and seeking to lead meaningful change to this precious social resource, I often found ground in Meg's work.

Now more than ever in my journey I've come to deeply appreciate the world view of spirit in tissue. And all that flows from that. Change and my experience of the perceived "other" have as a result transformed.

Diving deeper into studies of astrology, archetypes and meta physical principles have truly cast my awareness and practice into new nets of living, leading and serving.

And yet, I often find mySelf in conversations with others (mySelf & clients) around change. The current chaos and uncertainty of this time. The absolute insanity that can fill our thoughts, bodies and spirit as we attempt to create something out there, without remember a powerful choice point:

It all begins inSide.

Meg's latest work has been focused on training warriors for the human spirit. This really resonates for me and my work with others. I can think of no greater call for each of us at this time, than to tend to our spiritual warrior.

To cultivate new ways of relating to ourSelves and each other. Streaming our great power inside to tend to our core. While we mindfully move out into our worlds with clarity, confidence and compassion. 

If you are feeling weary in your life, leadership & service in your world, I invite you to create some space and time to listen to this wonderful interview.

Really take in what Meg is inviting us all to consider, a fundamental choice point of:

Who do we choose to be?

Not become, Not improve. Not as a function of doing. But deeply, in this MOMENT, at this time,

Who do you choose to be?

I am excited to dive into her latest book. I am inspired to gather with other women for whom this resonates. To travel together through the pages as we read, reflect and engage ourSelves fully in this conversation and our chosen areas of service.

If this calls to you,

Step one: reach out. I would LOVE to connect and share this sojourn with you.

Step two: Order the book.

Step three: I welcome your thoughts and your companionship as we embrace a new chapter of the ME & WE of serving in this world. 

 Who do you Choose to BE?

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