Community Evolution

An invitation to Pioneer a new ME & WE of leading.

At the heart of Re-Imagining ME & WE is an awareness that who we’ve been in our relating to ourSelf & each other isn’t working. So, now what?


As leaders we’re always influencing our experience while simultaneously influencing the experience of other(s). 


We’re well positioned today to evolve as leaders & in/with our communities.

What is your leader’s heart calling for in community?

For me I believe we’re being called to guide genuine communities. These are communities that foster innovative, life-affirming experiences and impact. At the heart, communities that knows unity lives in diversity. Community that invites all of you to show up. Community that isn’t a static entity to managed and manipulated. It’s complex. Filled with potential and possibilities when we’re willing to be ourselves and welcome other(s) who are different. We’re hosts, we invite & allow, we link beyond self-imposed boundaries


What might be possible for the evolution of community if we were to gather, think and co-create together in ways that integrate what we’re learning from spirituality, art & science that is NOW available to us?

This is a call to learn in community as leaders. An intent of learning that has processes that support unlearning & relearning. 

Personally, the question becomes am I willing to reconsider who and what I am? This entails examining our mindsets and stepping into new mindsets that offer new considerations for insights that will impact our choices.

Today I would like to share this wonderful exploration offered by Dan Siegel on the mind, “S”elf, body, relationships and community.

Dan Siegel is a well known pioneer in the field of brain science & well being. He is an author of many books. His ground breaking book, Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation offers an in-depth exploration of the power of the mind to integrate the brain and promote well-being. 

In this video he offers some enlightening ideas on the Neurobiology of Relationships & Community. 

As you take in this new information, consider,

  • What’s possible for your communities seeking to evolve?

  • Who do you have the potential to become as a leader, a guiding spirit for genuine community?


I welcome your thoughts here.

  • What resonates most for you? 

  • What excites you MOST about what Dan has shared?

  • How might you embrace a commitment to pioneer community evolution in your leadership?


Finally, I welcome the opportunity to walk with you as you choose to become a guiding spirit for genuine community!