Creator ~ Co-Creator. You Want Me To Do What?



Exploration of Creativity & Source

There is much spoken about being the creator of our reality. Yes, for many we're deeply blessed with the capacity to exert our free will and engage the power of choice. This positions us in the driver's seat. Even when the circumstances in our environment feel beyond our influence, in fact, we have choice in our response to them. We have choice about the degree to which we assign "weight" & "importance" to them.

Beyond being accountability to& for ourselves...consider that responsibility invitesus to cultivate our %22ability%22 to respond%22.png

Owning our role (whether you subscribe to being a creator or co-creator) in the creative process, elevates our accountability.

Beyond response & our creative process...

There is the process of initiation.


Have you ever considered a more expanded view of what you are?

If you have, I imagine you've traveled along some spiritual path(s) of discovery.

If you were to subscribe to the view that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, then, a potent next layer of inquiry is, who is it that is creating? 

What & Who is the source of our creativity?

at the level of the quantum field there is nothing other than energy and information. This field is influenced by intention and desire. Attention enlivens while intention transforms.
— Deepak Chopra

In the book, the Spiritual Laws of Yoga, Deepak offers a view of the field in which we reside & are an expression of. He creates a case for working with this field through our intention & attention.

And additional layer of consideration I would offer is pondering,

  • who is the architect of the Field, of your field?

  • what else is at play in your "L"ife?

I by no means have the answer. Check-in with yourSelf to identify where you stand today with these thoughts. 

In my own journey I have found deep resonance in the view that there is. Astrology, Yoga, my studies with Caroline Myss & being a student of A Course In Miracles have all lead me to this present moment view. I am not alone. I am a co-creator with the "S"ource of all that is. 

There is a blueprint (a sacred contract; an astrological mandala) that exists for me this lifetime. As a great saying from Neuro Linguistic Programming, this blueprint is a map, but not the territory. The territory lives out in us and our dance with Life. Some suggest these are but mirrors, others invite they are conduits for mystical messengers. 

There are grand, shared "I"ntentions articulated by many spiritual paths that I've noted to-date. Two in particular are love & evolution. We're here to be the presence & expression of love; we're here to grow and evolve.

In my current world view, I see we're here on a collective & individual LIFE work-shop. Our curriculum is filled with core, shared lessons & some that are unique to us.

We're encoded with energies that offer support & establish key challenges designed for our evolution.

There are various approaches that support our engagement of these "energies". Astrology for me has been one. Beyond identifying & developing awareness of these energies & patterns, we require new processes of engagement. New processes of living as spiritual beings, evolving. WEL-Systems for me is the context which infuses my engagement process of living.

What is your world view?

It's important for those who are choosing to become a spiritual warrior to have one. For each of us, I feel the doorway in is unique.

As we gather around our fire of becoming, consider, what emerges for you as your soak in the invitations that....

we're spirit in tissue ~ whole, unique & essential to our world ~ when we gather around our fire of becoming, in essence, there is no place where you end and I begin.


Creativity as a Force



For those choosing to become spiritual warriors, how we relate to the force, process, experience of creativity is essential.

  1. Bring mindfulness to your choices & actions today. Be curious about your motivations. Notice if you're responding or initiation. Reflect on any patterns that surface in your awareness.

  2. Breathe. Notice your breath throughout the day. How easily are your breathing. Do you notice any moments where you're holding your breath? What's unfolding for you. Experiment with long sighs...let the air out. Then engage nice and slow rhythmic inhales and exhales. What's different?

  3. Pay attention to sensations in the body. Notice when you feel soft and open; notice when you feel tight and constructed. Move your body, engage your breath and invite softness and open-ness to flood the device. What do you notice?

  4. At the end of the day, list at least ten ways you engaged your creativity today.

  5. Contemplate your world view as a creator ~ co-creator. What is taking shape in your vision of living & leading?

Ready to start your journey of empowerment as a spiritual warrior?