Dance with Clarity

Why explore your dance with clarity?


Clarity fuels choices. Choices shape our lives.

Our unique dance with clarity most often arises when we’re facing a “BIG decision”.

As much as we have unique narratives of growth this lifetime, we also share four core archetypal patterns that are beautifully outlined in the scared contract archetypal work of Caroline Myss. These patterns are referred to as the Saboteur, Child, Victim & Prostitute. Caroline describes these as our survival archetypes. The four legs of the stool of our self-esteem.

These four legs permeate our clarity & choices all of the time. They in fact can become formidable allies of living, leading and serving, if we’re willing to meet and greet them differently.

These collective unconscious patterns are designed to keep us safe. Their main foci is survival, while at the same time, are inherently neutral. The experiences we have of them are what makes it personal and alive in ourSelves and our life.

Survival Archetypes

Each survival archetype offers a particular pathway of integration. A call back home to remembering and embodying our true essence, wholeness. We experience light & shadows of archetypal patterns. A subtle experience of contrast. Many would suggest that our nature is inherently whole and non-dual & yet our day to day lives are filled with a tapestry of experiences that are contrasting.

There has been a great value for me to bring awareness to the contrasting dance of archetypes. Within and without. The result has been a growing capacity for compassion & curiosity.

Quick overview of the four shared survival archetypes

The Saboteur is the aspect of our experience where we struggle with choice. And yet, choice is a powerful concept to empower in our lives. Choice that is dynamic. Choice that offers an open-loop system for learning & growing.

The Victim shapes a narrative of being at perpetual effect in life. We’re at the mercy of another, the circumstances and conditions we find our selves in. The victim is the guardian, an allay of boundaries. Of reclaiming our innate capacity to create and co-create. To be the victor of the story. To say yes when we truly mean it and no when that is the truth in the moment. I often see that in the ‘love” conversation, we often collapse yes and no’s. I know in my own life as a wife, daughter, mother, this has been and continues to be a pivotal journey of re-imagining ME & WE.

The child at it’s core seeks to belong. Seeks to be needed, to be taken care of, to be seen and heard. Primal needs surface for us in this archetypal pattern. The child offers the potential of reclamation of the force of innocence. A pathway of empowering responsibility in/for our lives.

The prostitute is where our survival instincts often kick in with safety and resources. We forgo our peace of mind, our sense of integrity for X. This archetypal force is our guardian of our integrity & faith. This pathway highlights a genuine call to tune into a force much greater than our egos, our personalities & our stories in this vast experience of life.

What we discover as we start to bring attention to these forces is that our inner conflict around clarity & change, shifts.

We learn to develop good space inside and out so as to better navigate edges of our potential.

We learn to make friends with what feels like resistance.

And, we discover great inner allies to support our clarity, choice and experience of Big Decisions, and what we might call, Big Transitions.

Personally, I have an interesting dance with clarity. As a libra rising, my nature enables me to see many sides to an issue, conversation, choice point. This is a valuable gift. It supports me to be with polarities quite easily. Knowing and trusting there is room for many points of view. That all are often equally valuable and important. In the shadow, this can fuel a drive to get just bit more information:) to weigh both sides a bit too long (Libra’s symbolizes scales & balance) and can create confusion, indecision and self-doubt.

Self-doubt over the years hasn’t cultivated the most empowering ME & WE dances.

At a core level I believe we all have individualized pathways that are designed to support our growth in Self-ESTEEM this lifetime. Archetypal, these pathways are rich with experiences of feeling “on our game” and experiences that can truly be deep, dark and challenging.

Self-ESTEEM influences are willingness to own our clarity. To reveal our clarity and to engage it meaningfully.

These are but four archetypal forces in play for all of us. Then as the unique dramas of our lives unfold we animate the remainder of our circle of twelve. Astrologically, we all have similar characters in our mandala of the heavens. And, what’s unique is our personal placement , co-ordinates and combinations. They weave together patterns designed for our furthering our evolution this life time. I like to see these threads as part of our curriculum of becoming.

So what does this all have to do with our dance with clarity.

Well, what I would like to offer for your consideration is these patterns of choice, boundaries, integrity & innocence, shape how we relate to clairty.

If left unexamined and unexplored, we may be seeking clarity in all the wrong places.

And quite possibly for reasons that conflict with our genuine intentions.

Clarity fuels our choices. Choices shape our lives.

For example, if I declare I want to grow, I want to change, and yet I keep finding mySelf in the spin of similar dramas, I have to pause and be curious about my Real story about growth.

A core question becomes…

Am I willing?

Timing is part of the unfolding of our growth. Various stages and phases play out for us in our life, leadership & service that bring us to a new layer. Where ever you stand today, consider if you’re ready & willing to re-design your dance with clarity.

Are you willing to expand what clarity means for you?

If you’re ready & willing, I welcome the opportunity to support you.


Connect today, and begin your journey of exploring the conversation of clarity, differently in your life.