Design Your Well Being Ecosystem


Nature unfolds in such amazingly elegant ways. As I reflect on what is happening in the world today, in my own life and as I look out into the world, I am called to consider the following inquiry:


What intelligence is my

"well being ecosystem"



I ask this question standing in both my personal experience & the larger “we” perspective. 

There are many metaphysical principles and spiritual laws that invite our remembrance of what is in one is in the whole; as above, so below.

Nature IS an inspirational teacher who reveals her intelligence of replication, again and again. The waves of life roll in, they roll out. The buds blossom into flowers, they die and fall to the ground.

A deeper level of discovery opens up when we’re willing to FULLY entertain what is unfolding beyond the content and details of the moment.


Choose to invite our considerations to sink in, to expand, to lift up to the balcony and view what is unfolding, right now.


The goal is to not lose the particulars, rather, to expand & deepen (yes both) our viewpoint so that more information reveals itself.


On one level, in my own world I have seen, heard and felt the call to stop and pause. The invitation has been to " get out of the way" of my process of becoming that is occurring with/in and through me.


The desire to control this, wrestle it to the ground can be intense for me at times. I get lost in thinking I actually know what is going on. In that, the inner dialogue cultivates great suffering, disappointment, fear and a desire to hunker down and pull out the tried and true approaches I have spent years perfecting and mastering.


Truth is, what is unfolding in my world today feels like a call to new ways of engaging my being & becoming. As I look into my tickle trunk of approaches and competencies I do not see anything reflected back to me that intuitively feels like the “right thing to do”. Rather, as I have paused and stepped back and considered this larger inquiry,


I’ve discovered it is less about what to do, and truly about how I am choosing to engage with the energies of "what is".


And so I wait, not for another, rather for my own clarity & inspiration to emerge. This cycle for me is informing me that my process of clarity is transforming. Once solely an intellectual effort, more and more I feel an opening to other ways of seeing, knowing and being with what is.


How are you choosing to relate to your "well-being" ecosystem?


If you’re curious to step off and into the mysteries of this, keen to expand your perspective and to redefine how you’re relating to yourSelf, I invite you to join me in the next Daily Living Online Workshop for Women.

Explore your elemental, archetypal and sky nature. Who knows what you’ll discover that can best set a new ecosystem into greater harmony with your being & becoming!