Dissing The Feminine? Are You Ready To Reconsider?

As you take a breath and relax into your body, what do you notice?

Choose to take this moment to feel what pulsates in your body?

In this moment, what conversations do you feel most need to be had?

Do you feel like your life is on over-drive with giving? Feeling tapped & trapped?

How are you at receiving? A gift, a compliment, appropriate compensation for your work?

When was the last time that you spent time in nature, walking, really feeling your feet connect with the ground & smelling the fragrances in the air?

How does your body react when you touch & are touched?

When was the last time you screamed? danced? sang? laughed out loud so hard that water flowed (and in some ways you’d rather it didn’t:)

What feels most sacred to you today?

Are you feeling nourished in your relationships? Are you nourishing them?

These are all reflections of the feminine. Invitations to reconsider our Self, our experiences and our choices.

There is so much that lives in our day to day lives & work that is about action. Action driven by “got to /have to do’s”, "want to do’s”. Action driven by inspiration that when in flow dissolves the experience of time so much you wonder where it went.

This high propensity and value of action has left the invitation to relax seem like an un-attainable pursuit.

Action is good. It is the fruits of tensions to co-create. And, the pursuit of it to the exclusion of another core aspect of our being has reaped some troubling costs. Individually & Collectively.

Our bodies ache, Our minds race & Our hearts long.

This trifecta for me is a big time call to STOP. Really stop and reflect about how I am choosing to live. An invitation to remember

Life is a dance of BOTH being & doing.

For many of us who self-identify as a woman, who’ve come into this world in the body of a woman, we have spent YEARS seeking to hone our masculine expressions. Along the way many of us have dissed our feminine or just plain forgot about it.

This plays out for those of us who self-identify as men as well. They have the added layer of conditioning that deeply seeds a message often that the feminine is fluff and not for them this lifetime.

The net result of this has had me wondering, who is carrying the torch of the feminine in our relationships, our parenting, our work places?

We all seem to be so driven to be the successful masculine. What is the cost of this to our well-being & our dances of ME & WE? Our world?

Don’t get me wrong. I see , feel and hear the clarion call that is alive and well with reclaiming and expressing feminine power. And yet, I still continue to see & experience in my own life and work with clients an under-valuing and quite detrimental judgement on the feminine’s inherent value.

For me this is a conversation of Wholeness.

Whole-ness isn’t just a nice thing to aspire to in life. It’s actually a key part of our well-being. Well-being in all areas of our life. Physical, emotional and mental health. Our relationships and our experience of the ME & WE dance. Our experience of “work/career/vocation”.

Life is inherently whole. And, we live within a spectacular array of contrast. Dancing with this, consciously is I believe one of our great blessings and challenges this lifetime

Much of my journey and evolving practice as a coach and educator is about revealing blindspots. Supporting people to empower their new story, chapter. In particular with their experience of being & leading in community.

This purpose in my own life & practice has taken me down and in. It has expanded my life and practice beyond the doing and strategizing about the being. It has opened up a spiritual approach that is inherently filled with more questions. One that deeply roots an enlivened experience of coming home.

For the past two years I have been deeply focused on archetypes and astrology in my own journey of evolution. I have been studying both for many many more years. And, these past two years I have felt a deep call to integrate these more into my work in the world. Often implicit, now more explicit in the unique approach I offer clients to not only expand their awareness & cultivate new choices and experiences in their life. In many ways it is a home coming.

A vast reconsideration of wholeness. To sink into a world view where whole-ness is not an activity to pursue, rather, an experience to remember. In that our guidance takes shape, clarity emerges, we choose with conviction & compassion. Inevitably we travel along new pathways of becoming.

There is immense value in choosing to step in a greater view of not only who we are, but what we are. There are so many opportunities available to us all (both men & women) to walk awake and aware along our path of growing and becoming. A key layer of this I believe is in focusing on empowering our wholeness. This will for many require reconnecting and redefining our dance of masculine & feminine.

Are you ready to reconsider?

Contact me today to set-up a complementary conversation about how we might work together.

And stay tuned for upcoming workshops designed to develop your awareness of core archetypal forces alive in your experience of the feminine archetypes and your dance with core allies for empowering greater wholeness in your life, relationships & work.

It’s time!