Dream Building

Astrological Energies for Friday April 12, 2019

Happy Friday fellow astrology lovers! Friday is the day of the week ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love & Beauty. Pay homage to your Aphrodite nature. Listen to some sweet music, dance, go for a nature walk, buy some flowers or engage in a loving beauty treatment. In the context of dream building, there are a few planetary conversations (aspects) happening we’ll want to holistically harmonize with: body, heart, mind & spirit.

Body: Father sky (Sun 22 degrees) burns bright in the sign of Aries, the pioneer. He's in a “growing” conversation (square) with the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto (23 degrees Capricorn, the authority). Pluto is our transpersonal teacher and capacity for rebirth & renewal. With our vitality shining bright in the fiery sign of Aries & our archetype of renewal and transformation in the structural, dutiful & ambitious sign of Capricorn, we may have a lot of physical energy animated. If you’re experiencing an excess of energy, burn it off! Direct it consciously. Our body wants to help us realize our dreams here on Earth. Move it in healthy ways. Pluto may also be asking us to un-earth hidden motivations. What motivations honestly live in the roots of your dream? How might your identity (Sun) be seeking to transform (Pluto)? If who we think we are doesn’t align with our dream, conflict ensues. It becomes a struggle to realize our ideas in physical form. Maybe you’re experiencing a loss right now? Is something ending? Dreams are filled with transitions. Transitions begin with endings. Critical moments to ask ourselves… what do I need to let go of?

Heart: Mother Earth (Moon 17 degrees) grounds in her watery home of Cancer. She's cozied up in an intimate connection to our Cancerian destiny (Moon conjunct North Node, 22 degrees in Cancer). Listen to your heart. She is moving into her monthly phase of the First Quarter. It’s during this phase of our dream building we’re asked to take discerning action! Venus (Pisces 20 degrees) sweetly dances with Saturn (Capricorn 20 degrees) through a sextile. This conversation inspires commitment, loyalty & values. When you connect in with your heart, consider what you honestly feel you can commit to at this time. Reflect on how your dream aligns with what you truly love & value. Discern which relationships are most supportive to your dream. Venus sextile Saturn offers a lovely time to get clear on the relationships that nourish us and those that don’t. I’m reminded of a Jim Rohn quote “You are the average of the five people you spend time with”. In the context of dream building community matters. I feel we're being asked with these energies to examine the quality of our connections.

Mind: Our messenger of the Gods, Mercury (Pisces 24 degrees) is having a “focused conversation” (square) with our exuberant nature of Jupiter (Sagittarius 24 degrees). A powerful time to brainstorm! AND… remember, effective brainstorming has a phase of discernment. What wisdom is your inner teacher inviting you to grow into?

Spirit: Neptune (17 degrees Pisces), our Mystic & capacity to experience our infinite nature of love is having a gentle dialogue (trine) with our point of destiny (North Node in Cancer 22 degrees). This whispers the presence of a spiritual vibe flowing through our dreams. Tune into your intuition if you’re caught wondering if you’re heading in the “right direction”, meditate, breathe & give thanks.

Finally, as Friday evening unfolds, we’ve an opportunity to work with what I like to call the space between. At around 8:30pm Atlantic, the Moon’s Void of Course commences. With the Moon in Cancer, this feels like an invitation to engage in nourishing and supportive activities. Hang with your loved ones. Love hanging with yourself. As we build our dreams, we need to refill our tanks so we’ve the energy to forge a head.

May your dreams fly with excitement as you remember to give gratitude for walking on the Earth!