Embody You Fully. Reveal Your Unique Expression.


Choose to relax into the fullness of YOU in this moment.

Today, what’s possible if you were to choose to relax into the fullness of this moment, and, see what is digested, revealed & ignited?

Much of my Life practice & support with others, is in learning to fully inhabit our lives, as ourSelves, more fully. 

In choosing to become spiritual warriors, this is crucial. 

There is an alchemy that resides no-where other than here. 

Today is Sunday, a day to relax, to play, to reflect and swim around in who you've been & invite the whisper of your becoming to be known.


  • Contemplate this powerful passage on the Paradox of Embodied Spirit.

  • Check out a recent blog post called The Touch Down in Your Potential.

  • Welcome the space today to BE. Inhabit your beautiful presence, here, now.

From a somatic perspective, Spirit is a felt bodily state.

It’s an embodiment of a state of consciousness in which the attributes of depth, connection, power, being, unity, wholeness & love are directly experienced.

It’s a process, not an end state, in which one is moved and informed by a power called energy, ki, chi, élan vital, prana, shabd, (holy spirit) depending on the language of your culture.

This energy is experienced as larger than the self, yet includes it and is accompanied by humility and awe at the mystery of life.

When the body is touched by the energy of Spirit, the ‘I’ we normally think of as our self no longer holds center stage; thus the heightened experience of depth and connection has a more universal feeling about it, even though we are more personally present and intimate with the world.

Life is filled with more order and meaning, even though the normal ‘me’ is not making meaning and order.

The embodied experience of Spirit ties our common sense in knots—we’re in choice, but out of control; disorganized, but stable; still while in movement; knowing without understanding; listening without ears; surrendering to be victorious; giving in to succeed; dying to live.

This paradox of embodied Spirit is often described in terms of grace, awe, unity, reverence, presence, wonder and beauty.
— Richard Strozzi-Heckler, The Leadership Dojo

Ready to embark on your empowerment journey to be a spiritual warrior?