Empower YOU, Empower OTHERS

A few years ago I became clear that my coaching practice & education was starting to take shape around women's empowerment.

After investing in re-branding and doing some deep dive work with my coach, archetypal & astrological studies, this focus expanded.

In a surprising way.


My new business mission emerged from clients I'd been working with and connecting with my purpose & intuitive direction.


Women Working Well Together, Now

Supporting women to live, lead & serve as their authentic, holistic, spiritual heart-centred Self. Supporting women on their unique path of growth & development as they choose to be a spiritual warrior.

I still smile as I share this. How could this have been a surprise?

I've always worked alongside many women. As a registered nurse for over 20 years, now as a coach, my professional life has been rich in a context of women working and leading together. This has inevitably fuelled my own ME & WE dance of empowerment.

I have always cared deeply that people discover they have choice, and in that discovery are inspired to co-create with life and others differently.

As a western woman, I feel blessed to live & work in a culture where women are empowered now more than ever. 

However, I see and experience lots of room for us to grow in our dance of ME & WE, as women, together. Whether in the workplace or in business, in our friendships, or communities, there are threads of competition, comparison, collusion and criticism that catch me off guard.

I have a deeply felt sense that we're finding our way together as more and more of us are drawn to consciously co-create how we live, lead and serve together.

And....let's be honest, we've got some work to do BOTH as the "ME" and 'WE".

Recently I read an interesting article that highlighted some views as to what happens when we as women criticize one another.

“To the extent that women are each not fully empowered ourselves—that we are still denying our own dreams or treating ourselves harshly—we will criticize, attack, and try to sabotage other women, because it rattles us to see in them what we have not permitted in ourselves.” ~ Tara Mohr

I don't know about you, I have sure experienced this. Tara speaks beautifully to an invitation of the importance for us as women to continue to engage our own inner work!

Choosing to bring conscious awareness to where we go, inside, as we walk with another on our "ME & WE" Empowerment sojourns.

This is where grounding in a life affirming, holistic & spiritual world view is MOST critical. I often explore a client's world view. How do they see the world, themselves and the "other". This greatly influences our archetypal dances of power.

Regardless of the context, life, work, intimate relationships, business, service or community, our empowerment sojourn matters. As I engage and celebrate my own work, I expand and open up to honouring and celebrating yours.

And, as I celebrate your success, mine grows. This is where the ME and WE reveals a reality beyond separation. Where thriving versus surviving takes roots and blooms.

If I am out of alignment, struggling in my sense of self-worth (and who isn't dogged by this shared narrative), it can be quite seductive to take you down with my thoughts, words and deeds. Not always a "pretty conversation" AND I believe an essential one.

Empowerment of ME must influence our path as spiritual warriors. And...we must honour this sojourn in our fellow travellers. In choosing to empower others, we are further empowered.

The days of chopping the tallest poppy down are over. This unexamined approach just isn't what I feel we're all up for co-creating in how we choose to live, lead & serve. 


Instead, step into a vision where you



Empower YOU, Empower OTHERS


  • Today, take a moment and celebrate where you are on your empowerment journey AND reach out and cheer on another.


Finally, consider