Fear or Love

Which wolf are you choosing to feed today?

If your life isn’t working after much personal work, it may be time to explore power differently.

Power is most often viewed as something that offers us control over something. Typically, outside of ourselves. The question becomes, how is that working?

There is a subtle (yet potent) line between what we’re trying to create and what’s happening inside of ourselves.

How are we each choosing to relate to our inner power, our self-authority?


What comes to mind for me is the warrior archetype. This pattern of relating to power offers a call to re-imagine & animate power from the inside out. It is a healing sojourn. A choice point to move beyond the battlefield of life (inside & out). In its shadow we may find ourselves rebelling, blindly following another, working in the shadows being implicit (versus explicit) with our choices, or feeling like a victim of our circumstances.

There is a wheel of suffering that spins for all humans that often has it’s root in our dance of power.

The deeper threads can often be weeded back to a core choice point of love or fear. Of wholeness or separation. Of me or we.

The path appears as a crossroad being presented outside of ourselves.

What if it was a call to move in and heal an inner call to embrace the “and” of seemingly different paths?

Today I want to offer some reflections of power, love and fear. A triad dance that may hold some keys for you in your own reflections of what is or isn’t working in your life.


This is a loving invitation to embrace choice, today. 



To begin our exploration together, I would like to offer a few frames.


True power is love in action. 

True power manifesting in action can take many forms. Kindness, compassion, forgiveness, atonement, integrity, prayer and generosity of spirit are examples.

For this inner “sourced” power to flourish in our relationship to self & other, there is an invitation into the story of wholeness. An awareness of the interconnected nature of life. There are many spiritual traditions that offer this reminder and yet our world, in the physical is rife with invitations to hold firm to a world view designed to separate. We’ve not learned how to integrate in our day to day lives the power of love in action that recognizes a core choice point. This is a duality in that it simply offers a right/left choice. Fear or Love.

From A Course in Miracles perspective, we’re invited to consider that love actually has no opposite. Rather, the presence of fear and darkness is merely the absence of love and light. Consider this choice point as a crossroads. One that might feel like all of our efforts out there aren’t shifting our experience. It’s that invitational moment of surrender. To drop into the fullness of the experience. To welcome all of it to dance together.

  • Are you willing to see this (situation; moment; circumstance), differently?

  • What action aligns most with love, here, now?


Awakening a courageous heart is the great work of our lives.

For some we wear our hearts on our sleeves. For others, we have it tucked deeply into a closet, kept under lock and key. However, you’re relating to your heart today, consider the degree to which you’re willing to fully feel what is happening. To take ownership for your experience as your own. To create space for diving into habits and patterns of relating to your heart. To be open to maturing your experience and expression of your feeling, intuitive nature. Mars is currently in the sign of Pieces. This is an archetype of spiritual warriorship. I feel a call for each of us to heal our inner archetypal dance of warrior that seeks to transcend fear to love. To embrace the consideration that true power is love in action, in our hearts.

  • What opens your heart in the face of fear?

  • Who do you have the potential to become if you were to chose to embody spiritual warrior-ship?


Through conscious work with our inner fears, we find ourselves.

If fear is what darkness is to light, the absence of a thing, I wonder how else we might choose to engage our personal work as leaders. Consider, when we’re sitting in a dark room and cannot see, what do we do? We turn on a light. What if that light is a symbol of being willing to look, to shine a light on our inner dance of power, fear and love? 


There is so much in our field today that perpetuates feelings of isolation and fear. A blueprint of scarcity, separation & competition. To say just choose love, without embracing the work of facing fear I have noticed can create deeper and deeper grooves of frustration and hopelessness. This frame calls forth our inner allies that have been designed to keep us safe. Archetypal work offers us I believe, a loving pathway into exploring our habits & patterns. There is an opportunity to notice a dance of relating that is both impersonal and personal. This way to seeing is very valuable when embarking on a phase of growth that vertically aligns with growing up.


However, we can choose to embrace love with and for ourselves and each other as we step off into a cultivating a right relationship with fear. There is a metaphysical truth to ground in. That is representative of the interconnected nature of life. All is one. Wholeness is our inherent nature. And, we live in a physical experience that is rife with polarities, tensions and experiences that activate a story of separateness. The question eventually becomes,

  • What are you choosing to identify with?


Paradox can become our great teacher of remembrance. It helps us to accept growth as our purpose, our shared path. Becoming is a growth process. It pulls us into the unknown. This experience of uncertainty I find in my own life & work with clients is the spice of a recipe of growth where we most often get stuck. Where we turn on habitual patterns of relating to an overwhelming experience in our body that invites us to shut down, turn away and fall back asleep (literally & symbolically).


We can get lost in this sojourn of discovery. This is why it is so helpful to walk with others. Others who are on their own sojourn of turning on their light & willing to remind you when you’re slipping back into the dark.

There is a great story of two wolves. I invite you to view this video and then join me for the remainder of my post below.

  • What resonates for you today about this story?

  • How are you relating to these two wolves?

Personally, I find myself here lately, often. I know its part of my growth process. A perpetual invitation to meet a choice point with love or fear. To face my fears with love. To meet myself with love, when I have chosen to feed the fear. To remind myself I can choose again.

This is a journey of peeling back many layers of my personal sojourn this lifetime. It may sound simple and I can say it is not easy.  

We all have choice points we’re facing right now in our expression of leadership in our life & service.
Choice points that hold the potential to remind us of the power and ever presence of love or its absence and the experience of fear.

In order to head in a new direction, we must engage a different choice. What got you here, may not take you there. It could be time to learn something new. To discover new ways of exploring your nature with love. To experiment with new choices that are just that, experiments

If you’re ready to walk with another in your choice of growing as a leader of genuine community, let’s connect.

Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.
— Vera Nazarian