Happy Spring Equinox!

What’s awakening in you?


Spring is a great time to clear out the cob webs and make space for the new! Ayurvedically speaking it is a great time to start engaging in all activities that support burning off of the fog and “padding” we’ve cultivated over the winter months.

It is a time to plant new seeds. A time to reset our “clocks” and attune into the birthing of a new season of you!



Practically, a great time to begin new daily routines, to set intentions and tend to the visions that have been percolating through the winter months.


Spring is known as kapha season. A time where two elements predominate, water & earth. It is a time where we can feel sluggish and heavy as we transition from the cozy, sleepy winter and round the corner of brighter, lighter days and nights.


For more information on how you might implement some basic activities to support your mind and body as this transition occurs, I recommend this general resource produced by Banyan Botanicals.

If you’re interested in learning more about key elemental, archetypal and astrological influences you could start to relate to more intentionally with regards to how you begin and end your day…I invite you to connect. Daily Living Spring group opens March 29th.


Archetypally for those who have any of the explorer archetypes (e.g. pioneer, explorer, inventor, trail blazer) as part of your natal archetypal wheel, no doubt, you like spring!


Astrologically speaking, many view March 20th as really the start to the New year. The Sun moves into Aries. The first doorway of the zodiac. Cycles begin a New. You may be feeling this? The sun and skies here on the East coast are bright. Despite the crisp air and the small remnants of snow on the ground, you can feel an an awakening in nature happening.


Aries is a fire sign. The “beginning again” energy that fuels all new endeavors. It is a great time to pause and welcome the clarity that has been forming.


A most inspiring poem I love to read and share with others @ times of new beginnings is John O’Donohue’s For A New Beginning. Read it at the bottom of this post.




So, as we round the corner with light illuminating our minds, hearts, bodies and souls, create some space and time to welcome this shift with reverence.


For those who enjoy engaging in rituals, light some candles, sage your space(s), light a fire and offer the “old stories and wounds” you’re ready to heal and integrate, plant your intention (literally or figurately) and dance! Yes dance!

Invite and allow the fiery flow to direct your movements. Play some music you LOVE and sweat!


In closing, I wish you a most joyous equinox!