Healing the Outsider's Heart

I believe we are living in a time of the Outsider Healing. The world needs each & everyone of us to flow beyond our wounds with a tender touch and trusting our fierce feminine to flow.

The outsider is a shared experience of many women with whom I work with. Not surprising as it has been an aspect of my historical narrative. It is that deep feeling of being "a stranger in a strange land". And yet, the strange land is our life!

Some say that it is good we feel like an alien in this world. Why? Because if you haven’t noticed, the world is a tad….F…..U these days.

Unfortunately, for those who have chosen to come here to experience and transcend the archetypal expression of the outsider, this can give us what I call false permission to tune out. For some tuning out looks like feeding our fire with substances, food, binge watching TV/movies or even devouring endless spiritual knowledge.


A few years ago, when I pursued studies in Vedic astrology and explored the dharma type work of Simon Chokoisky, I was invited to consider this “time of evolution” as a time of Kali Yuga. A time when it is mission critical to create good space, within and without. This really resonated with me.


What this means for each of us will look different, and yet, we each have our part to play. For many years, we’ve been oriented in our traditional emotional and even in some cases our spiritual healing towards understanding the source of our wounds, of focusing on creating change around our bad parts…thinking then.... we could be of purposeful service.


What’s most interesting to me about traditional physical healing is for the most part, we seek to address the symptom and rarely spend time getting to the roots. In traditional emotional & spiritual healing we spend countless hours and years in pursuit of the roots. Funny ehh?


Unfortunately, I do not believe the either or of this works. At some point we must MOVE. We must choose to stop looking for the why’s of our wounds; choose to stop feeding the outsider's view that no one understands us, no one sees us, no one wants us.

This stop, invites a start. This begins with a foundational inquiry.....


Am I willing to own, I AM the one I have been waiting for?


From here, we step onto a very different path.


My own reclamation of the outsider dharmic archetype, has & continues to bring me face to face with the invitation to heal. Heal for me, means wholeness. It is I believe, a call to reclaim our innate wholeness, which isn't something to pursue and wrestle to the ground, rather, invites us to relax into the vast paradoxical nature of our being.


I have a new powerful mantra I invoke when I catch myself looking back, pulling myself out of the present moment…the only place where transformation resides…which is


“That was then, this is NOW"


You see, for those of us who resonate with the sojourn of feeling like a "stranger in a strange land", we must heal our wounds, reclaim the heart of our wholeness & in doing so empower and embody new holistic and loving narrative with ourSelves AS WE step out with the gifts we’ve been busy developing during our time here.


Trusting that what’s awaiting our healing will inevitably emerge as we step forward deeply committed to that, with love. Not fear. There is so much wisdom in the domains of traditional & metaphysical studies that underscores this simple truth.


In any moment, we are either motivated, expressing or choosing to come from a place of love or from a place of fear.


Even at a cellular level, we’ve discovered cells demonstrate this dance of states between fear and love. If you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to read Bruce Lipton’s book called Biology of Belief. He offers great science to underpin this wisdom.



Today, I’d offer a potential third consideration, what if we were to hold the “and” of these states with compassion and curiosity?


  • Be willing to honour the vast space of our essential nature that innately embodies BOTH fear & love.
  • Be willing to stop, take a breath & welcome what moves inside.
  • Be willing to name & claim what is presenting in any given moment.


If fear is what is present, I can not get to the love without first owning its presence. It's a moment, a breath, not a life sentence.

If love is our essential nature, then, we must bring that to whatever emerges for us....even if that is fear.

As I have experimented with this, I have noticed loneliness dissipate.  I've touched down inside and connected with the wisdom, that, I am never alone. That the very essence of my being as spirit in tissues opens up connections that are ever present, inside and out.


What wisdom does choosing to heal your outsider's heart have to offer?


I welcome your thoughts.


We must know we can stand alone & trust we do not have to!