Hello Goddess. Remember Me?

When you consider your experience & expression of Goddess….what comes to mind?

What does embracing Goddess in your life, leadership & service look like today?

Inside I feel a deep call to explore this potent force within the emerging leadership for our times. There is a vast awareness in our collective consciousness, I see, that acknowledges the way we’ve been leading together in our homes, workplaces & society just isn’t working.

In many communities I am apart of there is a resurgence of a new version of feminine power. Animating what feels like a feminist movement for the 21st century.

What I see as important in my work with women, is not in dissing the masculine expressions that serve us in many contexts, rather in making space and welcoming also our Goddess to shine her light. In a recent post I offered an invitation to reconsider how we relate to the feminine energies in our life.

Choosing to greet Goddess, requires thoughtful and welcoming choices. In particular if we have lived a lifetime of making her wrong or shutting her down from being in flow. Choosing to create Goddess Time each day is a great place to start. Not sure where to begin? Connect and we can explore together how you might practically begin in your life.

In fact, there are lots of opportunities in our days to create space for Goddess.

I am curious in choosing to do so, are we also willing to have her presence integrate with our choices in how we show up in our life, leadership & service?

I have been studying and sharing with others the powerful archetypes alive in all of our psyches (men & women) of four asteroid goddess that are illuminated in our astrology. Our sacred mandala , cosmic blueprint. As I shared in a previous article about one of these, Vesta.

Demetra George’s work has been powerful in my connecting in with these illuminates of Venus in action. These points in our charts reveal how the energies of Venus play our in our life through our parenting, work, relationships and spirituality. They reveal clues to our relationship with nurturing, creativity and love. The four asteroid Goddesses are said to complete the pantheon of luminary Goddess

They complete the female pantheon of goddesses, rounding out the system of symbols begun in the usual ten planets. Of the six great goddesses of Olympus, only Aphrodite (Venus) and Artemis (the Moon) are represented in the conventional astrological symbol system. The other four great goddesses of Graeco-Roman mythology, Demeter (Ceres), Athene (Pallas), Hera (Juno) and Hestia (Vesta), were missing from astrology until they were re-invoked by their discovery in the early 1800s.
— Demetra George

In addition I have started to dive into an historical exploration of ancient civilizations where gender wasn’t the divide. In this moment, I feel gender like any other polarity sets up a cascade of choice points that deepen our separation with one another.

Exploring polarities are a worthy pursuit in that they offer us deeper understanding of ourselves and each other; shine a light on what is or isn’t meaningful for us and ultimately offer a more expanded, thoughtful place to stand when engaging choice consciously in our life, leadership & service. And yet, I believe our fundamental essence is wholeness.

Where unity lives in our diversity.

A place where there are no opposites. This is a spiritual journey that I feel we’re all on. Whether we’re aware of it or not.

I’ve really enjoyed watching a documentary created in 1989 Called the Goddess Remembered by Donna Reed and The National Film Board of Canada.

It was an eye-opener to a lost art of relating to life as an eco-system. Of where a great tenant of work was to Know ThySelf and Co-operation was the fabric that held society together.

On one level I feel deep sadness that we’ve strayed so far from our Goddess nature in society and yet, I do not profess to know what it truly means for us as individuals and as a collective.

I can share that I believe there is a great choice point alive for us today in our life, leadership & service to reconsider within ourSelves how we relate to Goddess. To welcome a remembering of energies of win-win. Of pursuing our self knowledge as a path to bring our gifts fully to the world. Of releasing the binds of story that cultivates separation.

A choice point that welcomes the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine to co-create differently.

This like with all paths, meaningful passages of growth…it begins with an inner conversation.

  • Am I willing to spend time reacquainting mySelf with my Goddess nature?

  • Am I willing to surrender, in this moment and consider how separation & fear are influencing my experiences? and to then ask to be shown a path home?

  • Am I willing to welcome Goddess to empower and embody my next chapter in life, in my leadership & in my service?

If this post resonates with you, I invite you to connect.

I am preparing to launch a pilot workshop series designed to open a conversation that will explore Goddess, in the great context of our life, leadership and service. This will be a sacred space that invites gathering together to learn and explore how Goddess is seeking to shine and co-create in our life, leadership & service.

I look forward to walking with you!