Holistic Intention Setting

Astrology has & continues to greatly influence my own development path & my coaching!

Ayurveda is an additional core gateway that influences my services, inviting an opening up to the elemental nature of our mind-body complex.

Both of these wisdom traditions support us to live in greater harmony with life!
When setting intentions, it is helpful to expand our approach & to be open to exploring resistance. Check out my recent blog re: Resistance.

Astrologically Speaking

For each season, a zodiac sign governs the transition point. And each Zodiac sign has a core element signature.

This is one way to consider planning & focus for each “quarter” of the year.

  • Winter is governed by Capricorn - Earth element (Planning, structures & foundations; activities that support thinking deeply about structures & processes to support intention, goals & plans). Winter Solstice.

  • Spring, is governed by Aries - Fire element (Creativity, Inspiration & Ideas; activities that support creativity to flow, visioning & shining bright). Spring Equinox.

  • Summer, is governed by Cancer - Water element (Feel, intuition, emotions & nurture; activities that assist tuning in, resting, relaxing and nurturance). Summer Solstice.

  • Fall, Autumn, is governed by Libra - Air element (Think, Learn & Communicate; activities that support learning, writing, perception and communication). Autumn Equinox.

This recent podcast by Astrology Hub offers an interesting approach for visioning the year head.

In this episode, practical wisdom is offered that weaves the four elements (air, fire, water & earth) into the specifics of our visioning process.

Check it out here.

Ayurvedically Speaking

There is another core element that is Space. In Ayurveda space is the container of it all. Space is an element that greatly influences expressions of speaking & hearing.

In fact space is the field inside and out that greatly influences our experiences and yet often gets forgotten. For example, in our relationships, we must tend to the space, inside & out. Re-discover how space shapes and influences many layers of expression & experience. In the current offering of Re-Imagining ME & WE, we’re focused on Co-creating A New Space for Becoming…Together!

Beyond the elements influence at key seasonal junctures….

Once we’ve transitioned into the season…Ayurveda offers wisdom to best support our body-mind dance. Each season embodies elemental combinations of what Ayurveda speaks to as the Five Great Elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth). The elemental combination of each season offers an additional layer to relate to mindfully in our practical day-day choices of living.

Ready for a deeper dive in community? Join me for the upcoming one-day workshop on elemental nature.

For more information, I would recommend exploring Banyan Botanicals Ayurvedically based seasonal guides.

As you close out your 2018….

Give yourSelf the time to open up to new ways of considering Life & your process of planning for the year ahead!

My hope for you as you create some space & time to consider a holistic approach to setting your intentions for 2019.

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