Full Moon Virgo

Re-write an integrated script of your heavenly + earthly nature.

Today, Feb 19th, 2019 we have a full moon in Virgo, 0 degrees @ 11:53am, Atlantic time.


Let’s explore some of the messages being communicated by the heavens & elemental forces in play during this full moon.

The Full Moon invites a conversation of integration. Illuminating areas of our nature, that on many levels may appear opposite.

The choice point of growth is about integration of our will (Sun) & our hearts (Moon); our active, go get em attitudes and actions (Sun) & our pause, reflect and receptive natures (Moon).

The Moon at this phase is full;  keen to illuminate revelations, fulfillment & clarity.

Yesterday the Sun moved into Pisces. The Sun is our masculine luminary; the Moon, our feminine. The Moon is brimming with her fullness in the earthy, feminine sign of Virgo. The Sun shines in the watery, feminine sign of Pisces.


Virgo sings songs of earthly matters; Pisces whispers tunes of the heavens.

Suffice to say, it is a potent time to create a stronger connection of your heavenly & earthly nature. Welcoming the feminine back into the wholeness of your expressions & actions. Weaving your inner mystic into your practical day-day choices, activities & service.

With the Sun having just entered the last zodiac sign of the astrological journey, we’re coming to a point in our yearly cycle where we can tune-into the wholeness of which we’re a critical reflection/mirror of.

Elemental Notes


Sun is in Pisces. Element of water. A mutable, dreamy, feminine, mystical, “all is one” zodical influence on our Sun energies. Water is the element in Ayurveda of flow, taste & creativity. Think qualities of cool, liquid, dull, soft, oily. Water governs the bio-chemical processes in our bodies. (e.g. electrolyte balance; flushing off organs; passageway of nutrients).

Moon is in Virgo. Shining bright in her fullness of the earth element. A practical, detail and excellence oriented zodiacal sign. Earth in Ayurveda is the element of what sticks. It governs the “order of things”. It is responsible for our release of “wastes” and our sense of smell. Qualities of earth are heavy, dull, dense, static. Mechanical energy is governed by the earth.

Water & Earth are coming together. Things might feel muddy, sticky & also deeply nourishing. This feels like an optimum time to plant & nourish dreams into the soil of reality.

All of us are in our own unique way (see your astrological chart for more specifics) are being invited into a dance of integration between our watery, mystical, heavenly and the earthy, practical, orderly natures.

The Dreamer (Pisces) & The Analyst (Virgo) of our natures seek to commune differently.

Think thoughts of heaven as you live fully here on earth.
— unknown

As with all full moons, there are themes of revelation, fulfillment & clarity. However, there are a few conversations occurring in our skies around this full moon which might cloud clarity for a day or so. Keep heart & consider exploring the following invitations to consider the effectiveness of your current life script. Your current narrative that shapes the energetic blueprint of your life.


Here are some thoughts for working with this full moon.

Reflection Space
Schedule time to consider the blueprint that is currently building your life. Qualities to weave into your reflective time: being in, surrounded in nature. Pay attention to water & earth elements around you. Bring awareness to tastes & smells. If able, spend time by a body of water. Experiment with a walking meditation as you hold the inquiry of:

-What is my current life-blueprint creating?

-Are my current day to day routines loving practices that support my whole being? (e.g. physical body, mind, emotions & spirit)

-How does my chosen expression of service, align with my dreams & the practicalities of my life?

-To what degree is perfectionism or fantasy sabotaging my life?

Virgo governs many things, in particular with these inquires we’re focusing in on our body, sense of well-being, health & service.

Reflection Process
After taking yourself for a walk and or contemplating the questions above:

Pull up a chair, take out three pieces of blank paper & a pen. Yes, write. Using the old fashion pen & paper. This is a powerful way to integrate more fully your thoughts coming through your body.

Six Negative Nelly Loop Scripts
Page One: List six things you say to yourself that sabotage or limit your efforts to change & or bring your dreams into reality.

Empowering Tribe of Twelve: Self-Appreciation List
Page Two: List twelve things your most appreciate & love about yourself.

Six New Love Songs to Sing
Page Three: List six statements, “new scripts” , that align with your self appreciation list & defy your first list. Post these. Review these each day.

Daily Design

Based on what you have re-written in your inner script; Now, It’s time to explore how to simply & practically align daily activities.

Where are you today?
Write out a typical morning and evening routine you currently follow.
-Check in with your new “script list” created above. Your Six new love songs you’ve written.

Notice whether how you move through your current routines align or not with your new script. Not good, bad right or wrong here, just notice.

Then…simply choose to experiment with two NEW activities.
Commit to one new activity you’re inspired to experiment with in the morning & one in the evening that would align with your new script. Activities that honour your new heaven + earth symphony!

Not sure of how? Contact me to sign up for the next Daily Living Online Mini Course.

Interested in exploring how to work well with your unique elements, astrology & archetypes in your current life design?