It begins here. New Moon in Scorpio.

This is a time of the New Moon. It happens approximately just shy of every 30 days. The lunar cycle lasts on the average approx. 29.5 days, but varies in length & speed throughout the year. Because the cycle of the moon is just shy of a full calendar month, there are times during the year where we may have two new moons, or none.

Moon's Influence

There is a lot of different views on whether the cycle of the moon actually affects us personally & collectively. Traditions and cultures have looked to the moon to guide decisions of planting, growing & harvesting (literally and metaphorically). In nature we see the moon's influence through the sea level and tides. In matters of the mind, our thinking can feel off, our sleep may be deep with dreams or interrupted with unclear thoughts.

Practically in our day to day, I believe the moon has an effect on our moods, emotions & attitudinal frame of our experiences.

Whether we’re aware of it or not. She is our great mirror. Illuminating what will support us in our journey of wholeness. She can offer us wisdom designed to align out heart with our head in our life, leadership & service.

Goddess Mythology

The moon is correlated to the Great Goddess Artemis. She knows what she wants. She chooses her companions wisely and she feels deeply the absorption of her interests. Often at times in the shadow of missing her impact of other. She is most at home in the wilderness. She has authentic instincts about people and situations. Curiosity drives her choices. Encoded with great capacities for both affiliation (partnership and connection) & agency (ability to have an impact), she can help us see what's next, where we're out of alignment (often experience as a lack of peace of mind) and where we need to up our game. She fuels energies of social justice and stands up for the vulnerable in our culture (environment, children, animals etc). Her fierce compassion influences her ME & WE dance. Today, I envision there is lots emerging for each of us, relative to the US midterm elections. Of note for me was the rise of women.

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Spending time learning and connecting with Goddess energies is a powerful companion to leading with greater authenticity, joy, vitality and strength.

Each goddess has an extensive mythology, rich in symbolic meaning that can evoke profound self-discoveries and exciting possibilities for your life. Hearing their myths and relating to them provides compelling new ways to see yourself and who you were meant to become.
— Jean Shinoda Bolen

Generally, in astrology, the moon indicates mother, feelings & emotions and can govern our experience of home, connection and belonging. It’s not lost on me that yesterday we experienced a shift in the sky of the nodes of the moon. There’s lots to share here about this transition, and the one point I would light to highlight is the north node is now residing in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the moon. I feel the north node (a chart point highlighting destiny & purpose this lifetime) taking up new residence in Cancer is calling us forth to cultivate genuine connection and community. A force to support feeling and co-creating meaningful home, inside and out. The sign of cancer presides over our physical and spiritual home. A sign that points us towards giving & receiving nourishment in all forms.

Water Element Activated

Today, we have a new moon occurring, shining through the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a watery, intense, deeply felt sign. Passions flow here. Shadowy effects of jealously and paranoid suspicions can be activated. Like the symbol, a scorpion can sting. Cancer, the new home of our north node of purpose and destiny is also a watery sign. The sign of the crab offers a view of our compassionate and a self-starting nature. Core to the archetype of the caretaker, Cancer cares deeply about the establishment of a sense of home, family, roots and children.

Water is about depth & flow. The water element is one of the great five elements that influence nature in all her forms (for us, our mind-body complex). It's the element that washes away and nourishes. Water gives rise to the taste of an experience. It is a great element that can conduct energies of healing, and support things rising to the surface. Water can help us balance any harshness with softness. Hard to hold and able to shape-shift into many forms (ice, steam etc).

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I subscribe to the view that the new moon is an auspicious time for new beginnings. Today is a day to dream, set intentions and connect inside with your inner sensorial realm. What we often called our emotions. In addition to naming any goals you seek to create in physical form, connect into how you seek to feel. Embody this today, regardless of external circumstances or conditions.

Invitation to create new space

I’d suggest the arenas in general to give some energy through your attention could be to choose to welcome integration of the past. To engage in conversations of forgiveness and atonement to free yourself and others to embrace these new beginning energies. When we are done with things, they live on in our minds and hearts if we do not choose to release them. The stories of the past over time, take up full-time residence in our thinking and ultimately continue to shape our choices, if we’re not mindful.

'we must be willing to let go of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us%22Joseph Campbell.png

Reflection & Contemplation

The moon is one of two great luminaries. She represents the yin, receptive and reflective feminine expression of our nature. (Sun our yang, active & willful nature).

Consider what intention is emerging, inside for you, today. Soften and let your thoughts flow about what you're longing to experience inside of the topics of home, passions and community.

Give yourself permission to allow the inner sensations to flow, choose to feel. Feel them. Action and activities come later.

Focus on the inner realm, the space and place where home always resides. If you know your astrological sacred mandala, take some time to consider where this new moon is shining her light in a focused manner and with whom she is conversing (e.g. aspects with other planets) to support you in this new beginning.

Ready to begin a new journey of your expression of living, leading & serving?

I welcome the opportunity to support you to love leading in community.

It begins here.