Leading Together, As Women

Leading in Community as women, genuinely isn’t a straight and neat path.

In fact it can be messy, deliciously organic, filled with stops and starts, ripe with connection.

I subscribe to the view that we’re wounded in relationship and it is in relationship that we heal. Our path of ME at some point can take us only so far. In our evolutionary story, we travel best together.

Now more then ever as we choose, as women to show up in community; community that holds the promise of gathering as genuine soul sisters, we’ll be tested.


Tested to look at our patterns, our inner messages that hold us back. Patterns that silence our voices, twist our thinking and awaken our warrior for a battle that has long past it’s expiry date.


Recently I have been in a collaboration with an amazing wise woman. One whom from my first meeting, I knew in my soul was here to walk with me on a journey of calling a circle of women.

A circle of women healers. Women seeking refuge in the very good company of one another, as we each choose to forge new paths and pioneer new frontiers of healing & growth.

Our intentions pure, our visions aligned, we met a fork in a road. A road so often that offers a choice point. A choice point to end, continue or evolve. So rather than a fork, it presented three different pathways from which we could choose, for ourselves and each other.


On one level, this isn’t quite so dramatic, and yet on another level, this choice point was rich with offerings. Offerings I am happy to share we each chose in our own way to sit with. Like the good stewards of a genuine and heart-felt vision, we paused. We retreated and chose to end what felt like a good ending to what was.


However, our hearts were not so settled. As is often the case when there is more (and isn’t there always!). Themes of curiosity, reflecting on our intention, connecting in with our desires and appreciating our experiences together set the centre for the circle of our reconvening, together.


When the time emerged for a re-think, together, we chose to regroup. We each shared what was there for us to share. We noticed the discomfort, the tension and yet the impulse to forge ahead. Staying together, aligning around our vision that was about MORE than her & I, space opened to light the way. We re-emerged with an expanded view of our call. Owning our deep intention in our bones, we chose to evolve.

Our invitation for women has evolved: A Call for Wise Women to gather. For connection and soul nourishment.


As I reflect on our dance today, I feel this third pathway, a crossroad, was stewarded by the Goddess of the crossroads, Hecate. I smile as I consider her energies. She is said to be most comfortable on the fringes. The wise woman ready to face what is. Some reference her as the Goddess of witchcraft & magic. Isn’t that what we most often need when we gather, in our uncertainty and lack of clarity. Some willingness to connect deeply with that which lives in the unseen, unspoken & yet deeply felt. Jean Shinoda Bolen describes Hecate as one of our Great Goddesses of Wisdom.


In the mythology of Demeter in her search for her lost daughter Persephone, Hecate guided the reunion. Hecate transverses two realms, she is the guardian of the space between.


As I consider women choosing to gather together as spiritual companions in what at times feels like a dark night, what a wonderful torch bearer Hecate becomes.


If you find yourself today in a challenging dance with a sister companion, consider calling on Hecate. Be open and willing to honour your impulse. Ask for what you need, offer what you can. May you find your centre inside and together as you look upon your crossroad, together.


Regardless of your choice, peace of mind and a settle heart awaits. Leading together as women, is a genuine pursuit. One that offers great play, connection, innovation, and dare I say Hope!