Living On & With Purpose. The Gift Of Being Able To Choose Again.

Yesterday I reconnected with a beautiful book & it's teachings on the Seven Laws of Yoga, and also further translated by Deepak Chopra as the Seven Laws of Success.

I started where I was, in my dance of attachment and struggle. Not surprisingly as I honoured the impulse to re-engage with this offering, voila, Friday, the Law of Detachment

Each day we're invited to live into one "law". A practice of intention as we co-create with life.

Today is Saturday. The Law of Dharma.

Let's explore this terrain together today.....

Today, we're invited to see our higher Self,  Discover our unique talents AND Ask ourSelf am I best suited to serve humanity.

Then, we step up & out choosing to engage our unique talents and serving others. It is offered that here, we'll experience unlimited bliss & abundance.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga offer a daily mantra.

Our Mantra for today is: Om Varunum Namah. 

This is offered as a vibrational prayer translated as

"My life is in harmony with Cosmic Law". 

Interestingly, the planet often associated with Saturday is Saturn. I view Saturn as a teacher of lifetimes. He brings in limits, constrictions that invite maturity and transcendence. In my own journey with Saturn, I feel his great teaching offers the opportunity to cultivate the grace of fortitude. I know mySelf again and again as resourceful, whole. Structures matter to Saturn. Learning may feel slow. And, sustainability is the reward.

Consider the inquiry

  • who am I becoming as I step up and out with my unique note?

From a CODE Model perspective, energy and information presenting in this area of the body invites a perpetually emerging self.

Insight requires action for the alchemy to manifest.

We often approach dharma (I know I did for MANY YEARS), that I will step up & out more fully, once I figure out what my dharma is. What I've discovered is that as I step up & out more fully, my dharma reveals itself. 


Dharma & Service

Service isn't a one way street. Rather a reminder that I can not give what I haven't got. Just like if we only inhale and never exhale (or vice versa), we become VERY uncomfortable in our body!!

If you're giving today & experiencing lack, then I'd invite you to step into an important exploration of service. As women, choosing to be spiritual warriors, empowered co-creators, this is a key conversation. It starts with our commitment and value of our well-being first. The ME & WE dance will only emerge for us more fully if we're owning and engaging from the inside out. We stand firm in our commitment to ourSelves. Trusting the essence of our being and tending to our own body-mind as spirit.


Back to some more considerations

The Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life governs the sixth chakra

The color of the sixth energy center is indigo. 

The seed sound for the sixth chakra is: Sham

The sixth energy center is sometimes known as the third eye. Located in the forehead, Ajna, as it is known in Sanskrit, is the center of insight and intuition. When this center is open, you have a deep sense of connection to your inner voice and feel guided in your choices. When it is blocked, there is a sense of self-doubt and distrust. The opening of this chakra is usually associated with a clear sense of connection to one’s dharma or purpose in life.


In the book, we're offered three components to consider in the Law of Dharma.

1. We are here to discover our true Self. To awaken, empower and embody our true Spiritual "S"elf. This illuminates the world view that we are essentially spiritual beings that have taken manifestation in physical form. "We’re not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences — it’s the other way around: we’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences". (Deepak Chopra)

2. We're here to express our unique talents. "The Law of Dharma says that every human being has a unique talent". (Deepak Chopra)

3. We're here to serve humanity. Simply by asking in any given moment and in the larger scheme of our reflections, “How can I help? How can I help all those that I come into contact with?”


When you combine the ability to express your unique talent with service to humanity, then you make full use of the Law of Dharma. And coupled with the experience of your own spirituality, the field of pure potentiality, there is no way you will not have access to unlimited abundance, because that is the real way abundance is achieved. (Deepak Chopra)

So, where to from here fellow travellers?

My invitation is to JOIN me today in exploring and experimenting with great curiosity & compassion the practice of law of dharma.

Here are a few  invitations offered by the authors to activate intentions for the law of detachment

1. Attend to your silent witness. Pay attention to the quiet stillness within you that animates your body and mind. Throughout your day, invite your attention to the silent witness that observes your thoughts and actions. 

2. Explore, Acknowledge & Celebrate your talents. Become aware of your unique talents and those things you love to do while expressing your unique talents. Make a list. Reflect on when you feel lit up and in joy. Celebrate your talents.

3. Serve Self AND Others. Cultivate an inner conversation of helping and serving. Explore what service looks like for the ME & WE in your life. In serving the AND of ME & WE, your intentions behind every action are will flow with dharma, your actions will be effortless and successful.  

AND I would add....

Be open to what presents.

Be mindful of how much of you is showing up in/with your talents.

Invite and Allow yourself to release the weapons a struggle dear warriors.